Virtual Talk: Constructing an Abstraction Layer over Multi-Clouds | Shiv Nadar University
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Virtual Talk: Constructing an Abstraction Layer over Multi-Clouds

Talk at Shiv nadar university
Event Date: 
Monday, February 15, 2021 -

The Department of Computer Science and Engineering invites you to a virtual talk titled ‘Constructing an Abstraction Layer over Multi-Clouds’ by Dr. Sreekrishnan Venkiteswaran, IBM Distinguished Engineer, and CTO Hybrid Cloud Center of Excellence, Bengaluru, on February 15.

About the Talk
As the public and private cloud markets are coming of age, business functions increasingly exploit hybrid and multi-cloud services. To simplify the complexities associated with heterogeneous cloud service consumption, the speaker proposes a new paradigm of cloud brokerage that will shield consumers from the vagaries of multiple clouds. To achieve this insulation, the cloud broker will present itself as the end-provider to consumers by creating and operating a virtual data center construct that we call Meta Cloud, which is assembled on top of a set of participating supplier clouds. In association with Meta Clouds, the broker will also realize the concept of Meta Services that are intelligent frameworks to enable the creation of value-added multi-cloud services. The speaker in his research argues that Meta Cloud brokerage can effect a significant upswing in cloud adoption. The proposed Meta Cloud broker needs to offer deterministic fulfilment along with simplification on top of non-uniform and non-deterministic provider clouds. Achieving this, is predicated on solving a set of research questions that we identify and address: How can provisioning-time commitments be designed for each supported Meta Cloud IaaS even though such guarantees are not tied to corresponding underpinning supplier cloud constructs? Because it is important for a Meta Cloud broker to be considered a trusted partner both by underpinning cloud suppliers and by cloud consumers, can a calculus of operational fairness for Meta Cloud brokerage be developed? His research also formulates three powerful Meta Services. The first is multi-cloud containerization-as-a-service, which supplies the best-performing container environment for a given workload. The second Meta Service provides an HA-optimized deployment architecture based on uptime requirements of a given workload. The third Meta Service architecturally partitions a given workload across hybrid/multi-clouds to yield the best-fit hosting combination mapped to requirements.   

About the Speaker
Dr. Sreekrishnan Venkiteswaran is a Distinguished Engineer and CTO of the IBM Global Hybrid Cloud Center of Excellence, a world-wide team of client-facing cloud solution architects. He is also an IBM Master Inventor and a member of the IBM Academy of Technology. In his previous IBM roles, he was an engineering unit head and a Linux technologist, leading teams working on embedded Linux, 4G telecom, consumer electronics, health care, and networking. He has authored a bestselling book on the Linux operating system.


Monday 15, Feb 2021
03:00 PM - 04:30 PM