Deciphering Plasticity and Diversity in Vertebrate Vascular Networks

Abstract: Our bodies are profusely 'tubed' by lymphatic and blood vessels. These vessels create networks that interact with every organ microenvironment of the body and influence their development and physiology. These networks showcase remarkable structural and functional diversity that is not fully understood despite its importance in homeostasis and disease. Traditionally vascular networks were often viewed as ‘pipelines’ within the body, passive structural conduits of fluid. In this talk, I will provide contradiction to this viewpoint, and explore the dynamic nature of vascular networks, presenting examples from my research that highlight their plasticity and diversity. I will also highlight the future work we are initiating at our nascent lab in SNIoE, and the exciting opportunities our zebrafish model system offers in investigating various biological processes and interdisciplinary research.
Venue: D217
Date: 10 May 2024
Time: 12-1.30 PM