From Insects to Humans: Exploring the Neurobiology and Behavior Associated with Movement

Speaker: Dr. Nikhil Gokuldas Prabhu

Affiliation: Research Scientist, BrainAlive Research Pvt. Ltd.

Abstract: Movement is a fundamental aspect of animal life, seamlessly executed by numerous complex processes that often go unnoticed. Simple motor actions, such as picking up a cup of coffee, involve intricate steps — from assessing the cup’s weight to activating the precise muscle configuration necessary for successful reaching and grasping. Understanding how the brain orchestrates these movements involves multiple brain regions beyond the well-studied cortical centers. Investigating motor behaviors across a diverse range of animals, from insects to monkeys, provides valuable insights into this complex phenomenon. This talk will explore such behaviors, beginning with a typical motor behaviour in honeybees and drosophila called sugar-elicited search behaviour, followed by touching upon song generation in songbirds, moving onto movement generation in a sub-cortical structure called the basal ganglia in monkeys, and learning about movement planning in humans. The talk will culminate in exploring the role of a tiny structure in the human brainstem called the Superior Colliculus in movement generation.

Date: 15 May 2024

Venue: D128

Time: 11:00 AM-12:30 PM