Shiv Nadar Institution of Eminence believes that international partnerships through research and teaching collaborations are essential in delivering its overall strategic aims. As a leading research-led institution, we are committed to building an international presence through activities that transcend national boundaries and that allow us to engage with students and researchers at like-minded institutions spanning across geographies.

Asian Institute of Technology Centre, Thailand


Brunel University, England


Center for South Asian Studies, University of Michigan, United States of America


China Studies Postdoctoral Fellowship


CNCSI, Durham, England


Drugs for Neglected Diseases Initiative DNDi, Geneva


EPF Graduate School of Engineering, France


Exeter University, England


Gdansk University of Technology, Poland


Mondragon University, Spain


National Quemoy University, Taiwan


National Yunlin University of Science and Technology, Taiwan


Penn Museum, University of Pennsylvania, United States of America


Tamkang University, Taiwan


University of Bologna, Italy


University of California Berkeley, United States of America


University of Essex, England


University of Finance- Marketing, Vietnam


University of Pompeu Fabra, Spain


University of Warwick, England


University of Wisconsin Madison, United States of America


Van Laang University, Vietnam