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The Young Thinkers Forum is an extraordinary platform dedicated to guiding high school students, specifically those in grades 8th to 12th, on a journey of self-discovery and personal growth. Our mission is to help young individuals identify their areas of interest and equip them with the knowledge and skills to pave the way for a successful and fulfilling career.

At the heart of our initiative lies an incredible opportunity for high schoolers to explore their passions. However, the Young Thinkers Forum offers much more than that. It's a gateway for students to delve into the world of higher education and campus life at Shiv Nadar University.

Through our dynamic programs, such as Masterclasses, weekend programs, summer schools, and winter schools, we enable students to interact with distinguished professors who are experts in their respective fields. These interactions provide invaluable insights, ignite curiosity, and lay the foundation for informed decision-making as students progress in their educational journey.

We understand that the path to a successful career is often shaped by early experiences and the ability to explore various disciplines. The Young Thinkers Forum is designed to be a guiding light, helping students not only discover their areas of interest but also opening doors to a world of knowledge and opportunities that can ultimately shape their future.

Join us in this inspiring journey of self-discovery and exploration at the Young Thinkers Forum. Let's embark on a quest to nurture young thinkers and empower them to become the leaders of tomorrow.


Certified Program

The Young Thinkers Forum is a comprehensive certified program that encompasses more than just online masterclasses. It also incorporates engaging weekend programs, immersive summer school experiences, and the enriching Winter School.

Vertical Tutoring

Our program offers a diverse array of activities, such as vertical tutoring where high school students connect with their college counterparts, engaging faculty presentations, enjoyable sessions, interactive discussion groups, enlightening guest speaker events, and multimedia-enhanced learning experiences. In addition to pursuing their preferred academic courses, students have the opportunity to participate in non-academic activities that emphasize the development of vital leadership and networking skills.

Academic Interests

Moreover, this program will afford high school students the opportunity to broaden their academic interests, explore new fields, and enhance their skills, effectively preparing them for the upcoming stage of their educational journey.


Ananya Mukherjee

Vice-Chancellor, Shiv Nadar Institution of Eminence, Delhi NCR

Vinnie Mathur

Chair, Young Thinkers Forum, GM- External Relation, Office of Vice Chancellor, Shiv Nadar Institution of Eminence, Delhi NCR

Our Programs

YTF Summer School 2024
YTF Winter School 2024
YTF Weekend Program 2024
YTF Masterclass 2024
SNIP 2024

Ignite your curiosity and expand your horizons with the multifaceted programs offered at Shiv Nadar IoE. Our initiative is designed to expose young minds to liberal arts, management, engineering, and sciences, offering a panoramic view of various disciplines.

The program is a certified week-long online immersion that embraces a spectrum of activities. It encompasses vertical tutoring, where high school students collaborate with their college counterparts, interactive faculty presentations, engaging discussion groups, stimulating guest speaker sessions, and hands-on multimedia learning experiences. Our students have the unique opportunity to explore different fields, fostering a multidisciplinary education.

Not limited to academics, our program offers a spectrum of non-academic activities tailored to cultivate essential leadership and networking skills. Guided by a team of experienced student mentors trained by professors, the program facilitates an immersive learning environment. Under the mentorship of current Shiv Nadar IoE students, participants engage in lively discussions and interactive sessions to grasp the fundamental aspects of diverse subjects and comprehend the pivotal role of leadership in fostering innovative thinking.

This opportunity is for individuals in grades 8th-12th with an inherent drive and a passion for honing life skills. We seek students eager to learn by questioning and grow by sharing ideas.

If you possess the aptitude and the enthusiasm to make a difference by nurturing life skills, we encourage interested school students to submit their applications. Shortlisted candidates will be notified accordingly

  • 1) Academic Interfaces: Participants had the privilege of engaging in academic interactions across various subjects, including Mathematics, Science, Astronomy, Entrepreneurship, Robotics, Botany, and Design. The sessions were conducted by experienced and knowledgeable faculty who utilised innovative teaching methods to make learning enjoyable and effective.

  • 2) Skill Development: Recognizing the importance of holistic growth, the program focused on developing essential skills such as critical thinking, problem-solving, effective communication, teamwork, and leadership. Interactive group activities and exercises were conducted to facilitate honing these skills.

  • 3) Excursions and Field Trips: Complementing classroom learning, the program planned exciting excursions within the campus to provide participants with firsthand exposure to the diverse flora and fauna. Witnessing the practical applications of their study subjects fostered a deeper appreciation for the natural world.

  • 4) Fun Learning Activities: The Young Thinkers Forum Program 2024 (Summer/Winter) provided a platform for students to meet experts from KNMA (Kiran Nadar Museum of Art), Shiv Nadar Foundation, and The Habitats Trust participating in educational and interactive activities that encouraged experiential learning.

Participating in the Young Thinkers Forum Program 2024 (Summer School) was a transformative experience for students. Beyond academic enrichment, it instilled confidence, independence, and personal growth. Furthermore, the program provided an excellent opportunity for networking and building lasting friendships with like-minded peers who share similar academic and extra-curricular interests.


As winter descends upon us, academic institutions are preparing to offer their students a whole new experience - the Winter School. A week-long, multidisciplinary program focused on nature, environment, and sustainable living, this unique endeavor provides students with a rare opportunity to immerse themselves in campus life while exploring the vital importance of sustainability.

  • 1) Embracing Campus Life: For many students, the Winter School marks their first chance to experience the enchanting world of campus life. The hustle and bustle of students, the vibrant campus atmosphere, and the plethora of activities foster a sense of belonging and community.

    Living on campus for a week enables students to form lasting friendships, collaborate on projects, and engage in intellectual conversations beyond the confines of classrooms. The Winter School's residential setup allows participants to embrace the spirit of camaraderie, creating memories that last a lifetime.

    From attending lectures and workshops to participating in extracurricular activities and social events, the Winter School is a holistic experience that nurtures both academic growth and personal development. Students step out of their comfort zones and venture into uncharted territories, broadening their horizons and discovering new passions.

  • 2) Focused on Nature, Environment & Sustainable Living: At the core of the Winter School's curriculum lies a deep appreciation for nature and the environment. Participants are exposed to the wonders of the natural world, learning about its intricate ecosystems, the importance of biodiversity, and the challenges of environmental conservation.

    The program delves into the impact of human activities on the planet and highlights the urgency of adopting sustainable living practices. Through engaging sessions and hands-on activities, students understand how individual choices can make a significant difference in preserving the Earth's resources for future generations.

    Experts and scholars in various fields collaborate to offer a comprehensive understanding of sustainability, encompassing not only environmental aspects but also social and economic dimensions. Participants explore sustainable solutions in areas such as renewable energy, waste management, eco-friendly architecture, and responsible consumption.

  • 3) A Multidisciplinary Approach: One of the most remarkable aspects of the Winter School is its multidisciplinary nature. The program seamlessly integrates various disciplines, enabling students to witness the interconnection between nature, science, social dynamics, and sustainable practices.

    Combining elements of biology, ecology, engineering, social sciences, and more, the Winter School empowers students to think critically, solve problems holistically, and envision a harmonious future for the planet. This multidisciplinary approach equips participants with a well-rounded perspective and fosters a collaborative spirit essential for addressing complex global challenges.

    The Winter School experience motivates students to continue advocating for sustainable practices, promoting environmental awareness, and actively contributing to positive societal transformation. It plants the seeds of responsibility and empowers students to become stewards of the Earth, shaping a brighter and greener future.

Participating in the Young Thinkers Forum Program 2024 (Winter School) was a transformative experience for students. Beyond academic enrichment, it instilled confidence, independence, and personal growth. Furthermore, the program provided an excellent opportunity for networking and building lasting friendships with like-minded peers who share similar academic and extra-curricular interests.

Important Dates

  • 2 January 2024

    Early bird registration

  • 7 January 2024

    Last date of registration

Young Thinkers Fourm Progam 2023 (Weekend Program)

The Young Thinkers Forum Weekend Program is an extraordinary initiative hosted by our university, inviting young and inquisitive minds to explore the realms of knowledge in the captivating fields of microbiology, mathematics, and the environment. Designed to spark creativity, critical thinking, and collaboration, this immersive program offers students a unique opportunity to stay on campus and participate in a theme-based journey throughout an entire weekend. Microbiology, mathematics, and the environment are three interlinked disciplines that encompass a diverse range of scientific wonders. By delving into these themes, the Young Thinkers Forum aims to broaden the horizons of participating students and ignite their passion for learning.

The Weekend Program begins with an exciting welcome address by eminent professors and researchers in each respective field. The students are introduced to the program's objectives, encouraging them to embrace a growth mindset and embrace the challenges that lie ahead. The forum fosters a supportive and inclusive environment, allowing students to freely exchange ideas, ask questions, and nurture their curiosity.

The Microbiology theme unveils the unseen world of microbes, which profoundly impacts our lives. Students engage in hands-on experiments, observe microorganisms through advanced microscopy, and explore the significance of microbiology in various industries, including healthcare, agriculture, and biotechnology. Understanding the microbial world not only enriches scientific knowledge but also emphasizes the importance of sustainable practices to maintain a balanced ecosystem.

In the Mathematics theme, students delve into the captivating world of numbers, patterns, and problem-solving. Through interactive workshops and puzzles, they learn to think critically and apply mathematical principles to real-life situations. The program aims to demystify mathematics, fostering an appreciation for the subject and its pervasive applications in technology, economics, and science.

The Environment theme takes students on a journey to comprehend the pressing challenges facing our planet and the potential solutions for a sustainable future. Engaging discussions on climate change, biodiversity conservation, and eco-friendly practices encourage the young thinkers to become responsible stewards of the environment. They also participate in environmental projects and nature walks on campus, gaining a deep appreciation for the natural world around them.

Throughout the program, students have the privilege of interacting with our university's faculty members, who are renowned experts in their respective fields. These mentors provide guidance, share their experiences, and inspire the young thinkers to dream big and pursue their passions.

The Weekend Program fosters a dynamic learning environment where collaboration and teamwork are highly encouraged. Students form teams and work together on interdisciplinary projects that integrate elements from all three themes. This multidisciplinary approach enhances their problem-solving abilities and nurtures a holistic understanding of the interconnectedness of different subjects.

Participating in the Young Thinkers Forum Program 2023 (Weekend Program) was a transformative experience for students. Beyond academic enrichment, it instilled confidence, independence, and personal growth. Furthermore, the program provided an excellent opportunity for networking and building lasting friendships with like-minded peers who share similar academic and extra-curricular interests.

Young Thinkers Fourm Progam 2023 (Masterclass)

Welcome to the world of Young Thinker Forum Masterclasses, where knowledge and expertise converge in a virtual space! An online masterclass is a unique and immersive learning experience where a highly skilled and knowledgeable expert speaker, conducts a session on their respective topic of expertise.

These masterclasses are designed to offer students an in-depth understanding of a specific subject or skill or topic, ranging from arts and crafts to business strategies, from culinary arts to personal development, and everything in between. The sessions are typically conducted via live streaming , allowing learners from all around the world to access the content conveniently and at their own pace.

The speaker leading the masterclass is a recognized authority in their field, often a seasoned professional with years of experience and notable achievements. They share valuable insights, practical tips, and insider knowledge, providing learners with a unique opportunity to gain first-hand knowledge from the best in the industry.

During these sessions, participants have the chance to interact with the speaker through Q&A sessions, chat forums, and sometimes even one-on-one feedback or critique opportunities. This interactive aspect enhances the learning experience and allows learners to seek clarification on complex topics or seek personalized advice based on their own situations

Participating in the Young Thinkers Forum Program 2023 (Masterclass) was a transformative experience for students. Beyond academic enrichment, it instilled confidence, independence, and personal growth. Furthermore, the program provided an excellent opportunity for networking and building lasting friendships with like-minded peers who share similar academic and extra-curricular interests.

Shiv Nadar Internship Program (SNIP) 2024

We are excited to announce the continuation of this program this year again and extend an invitation for high school students to participate.

  • 1) The SNIP offers students a unique opportunity to intern with us and gain insights into what it takes to be a global professional.

  • 2) With a dedicated support network to guide them, participants will undergo a transformative experience aimed at enhancing leadership and communication skills. Each intern will receive training specific to their chosen department and will be paired with an SNU mentor for personalized guidance and support.

  • 3) Interns will spend 10 days on assignment in one of the following departments:

Department of Civil Engineering (Academic)
Event Management/Marketing/Social Media (Non-academic)

Program Details
  • Dates: June 1-10, 2024

  • Fees: Rs 18,000 per child (including GST, food and accommodation for 7 days on campus and 3 days online)

The selection will be based on a brief interaction with the student.

Click here to apply. Registration Link

Contact: [email protected]

Courses Offered

Data Science/AI

Empowering students to explore the cutting-edge realms of technology, problem-solving, and innovation for a smarter future.


The universal language of patterns, problem-solving, and precision, guiding students to unlock the secrets of the universe.

Social Media Marketing

Unleashing the power of digital platforms to engage audiences, build brands, and shape tomorrow's marketing landscape for students.


Molding creativity, patience, and craftsmanship, shaping both art and character for students.


Igniting innovation, resilience, and leadership skills to empower students as future changemakers and visionaries.

Civil Engineering

Building the world of tomorrow with innovation, sustainability, and infrastructure excellence.


Empowering students to shape a greener, more equitable future through mindful stewardship of our planet's resources.


Delving into the depths of the past, uncovering ancient mysteries and preserving cultural heritage for future generations.


Opening doors to diverse cultures, empowering expression, and fostering communication skills essential for success in an interconnected world.

Program Highlights

  • Integrated Learning to bridge gap between theory and practice

  • Hone Communications Skills

  • Discussions using Socratic Method

  • Comprehensive School to University transition system

  • Networking with peers

  • Hands on experience through multidisciplinary courses

  • Interactive classes taught by the students, mentored by the prestigious professors

  • Introduction to liberal arts and science pedagogy

  • Chance to explore a variety of topics

  • Foster innovative thinking

  • Drive innovation to change local communities

  • Master the fundamentals of leadership

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