Department of History and Archeology Organizing a Seminar on Creating Archives - In Universities and Outside

The Department of History and Archeology, School of Humanities and Social Sciences invites you to a Seminar titled Creating Archives - In Universities and Outside by Surajit Sarkar, Independent Researcher in Delhi and Curator with Kerala Museum, Kochi. The Seminar is scheduled for 28 September 2023 from 12 p.m. at D 330, Shiv Nadar University.

The lecture covers a number of archives in the last two decades that the speaker has been associated with at a number of levels - from conceptualising and design, to field work and compiling, including standard setting, maintenance and operations, outputs and users. Giving a ring-side view of archive making and operations, and presentation will stop at critical points along the journey of the archives to show how, in expected and unexpected ways, the storytelling of an archive is pre-determined at every step along the road. The use of interactive digital media makes this even more so, yet offers the potential of disturbing the way we understand the structures of existing knowledge.