Department of Physical Education is organizing a Beginner-friendly 3x3 Basketball Tournament

The Department of Physical Education is organising a Beginner-friendly 3x3 Basketball Tournament for the entire SNIoE community on 26 and 27 February 2022 (Saturday & Sunday) from 4:00 pm onwards.

Interested teams can register through the following links :
For Men : Registration Link

For Women : Registration Link

Last date for registration is 25/02/2022 by 12:00 pm

Rules of the Tournament :

1. Team must consist of 3 players.

2. Teams can be made by students, faculty and staff. (Faculty/staff can also make teams with students if wanted so)

3. Each match will be played for 10 minutes (including a time out in between)

4. If match ends in a draw, then direct tie-break will be played ( 3 free shots will be given to each team )

5. All matches will be played on a knockout basis

6. Men's matches will be conducted on 26 February 2022 followed by Women's matches.

7. Teams should report on time

8. If a team is not present in the court at the time of their respective match, then walk over will be awarded to the other team and a fine will be imposed on the team which is absent or late.