Seminar on 'PLASTICS: DO NOT BAN, PLAN TO USE' | Shiv Nadar University
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Thursday, January 12, 2023 - 00:00

Plastics in different formats have been with us for various uses and services for the last 50.0 years or so. It was a wonder material for different applications both domestic and industrial services for its durability, and flexibility to fabricate and construct. The prime reason for such versatile applications as stated above this being lightweight, non-corrosive was the preferred material in various industrial applications. Plastics of various grades and specifications are being used extensively in passenger vehicle manufacturing, railway coaches, aircraft cabins, construction activities like tanks and vessels, and electrical items. The most common visible application of plastics is in disposable cups and saucers, soft drink cans and bottles, carry bags, packing boxes for groceries and sweets, and all such items. However, plastics are becoming now a notorious and non- too friendly material for all the wrong reasons. It is cited to be a hazardous material for being not bio de- gradable material causing long-term pollution to the earth's surface, water bodies, rivers and seas, and high altitude snow-laden areas. There is no correct estimation of how much plastic is being manufactured every year across the world and how much is being driven to landfill sites, water bodies, and other such destinations. It is believed that if not managed scientifically the sea would be loaded with billions and trillions of tons of plastic waste over the next few years. There are many NGOs, environmentalists, and self-styled pressure groups advocating and demanding a total ban on the production and use of plastics in all formats. Many governments across the world have taken a view of these concerns and have taken some steps to limit the use of plastics in their own countries.

Brief Bio
Mr. Subhash Tandon is a Chemical Engineering, Graduate of Laxmi Narayan Institute of Technologies, Nagpur – 1972. He also holds Post Graduate Diploma in Project Management from Punjabi University, Patiala 1986 Batch. He has spent about +44.0 years in Chlor-Alkali Industry in India. He retired as Executive Vice-President, Chlor-Alkali from DCW Ltd., Sahupuram, Distt. Tuticorin Tamil Nadu-628229 – June 2017. He has traveled extensively both in India and abroad has been to Japan, the USA, Germany, Holland, Czechoslovakia, Italy, Australia, France, China, South Africa, and many more countries in Europe and the Middle East for attending various Technical Conferences. He was in Johannesburg-South Africa during the last weekend of July 2019 to attend a Safety Seminar and Water Forum, in South Africa organized by World Chlorine Council USA and Euro-Chlor, Belgium. He was employed as Advisor- Technical Services with Alkali Manufacturers Association of India, Preet Vihar, New Delhi - 110092 from 01-10-2018. till June-2020. He is the immediate Past Chairman of the Safety, Health, and Environment Committee, Alkali Manufacturers' Association of India Preet Vihar New Delhi 110092. His present area of interest includes Process Safety Management, Green Environment, Energy Conservation, and Corporate Social Responsibility within the Chlor –Alkali Industry in India. He is a Life Member of the Indian Society for Training and Development Ghaziabad, U.P. Chapter. M: T501/2018. And, Life Member Institute of Chemical Engineer New Delhi Chapter -3972. Present Chairman/ Member Sectoral Expert Committee, Chlor- Alkali, Bureau of Energy Efficiency, New Delhi -110066. He was actively associated with European Chlor-Alkali Industry, Australian Chlor- Alkali Industry, Chlorine Institute, USA, and World Chlorine Council USA while being in service. He is also associated with various social activities for Society. Some organizations support the cause of Handicapped and Differently abled Persons.

Thursday 12, Jan 2023

D330, Shiv Nadar IoE