History Seminar Series 2021: I Sing in Hindui- How Hindi/Urdu Began | Shiv Nadar University
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History Seminar Series 2021: I Sing in Hindui- How Hindi/Urdu Began

Event Date: 
Thursday, January 21, 2021 -

The Department of History invites you to the first lecture in its Spring 2021 Seminar series.

I Sing in Hindui” How Hindi/Urdu Began

Speaker: Tyler W. Williams, University of Chicago

Date and time: January 21, 7:30 pm-8:30 pm

How does literature 'begin'? What kind of relationship exists between the textual content of a literary work and its material form? We explore these questions in the context of vernacular literature in north India during the sultanate period: specifically, the literature of 'Hindavi' beginning in the late fourteenth century. Examining examples from the 'Sufi romances' of the period such as Maulana Daud’s Candayan (1379), Qutaban’s Mirgavati (1503), Jayasi’s Padmavat (1540), and Manjhan’s Madhumalati (1545), we will see how ideologies of writing and material practices of inscription and book-making came together to produce a new type of literary and luxury artifact. These poets, calligraphers, illustrators, and book-makers self-consciously adopted elements from existing traditions of the literary and visual arts but deployed them in such a way as to establish new, distinctively vernacular forms and norms. These new conventions came to extend across distinctions of writing script and across the social boundaries of different performance contexts. By combining philological, literary, and historical analysis with an examination of the materiality of these works we see that the reading practices inaugurated in the late sultanate period continue to inform how we read Hindi and Urdu today.

Thursday 21, Jan 2021
07:30 PM - 08:30 PM