Departmental Seminar on 27th August' 2019 | Shiv Nadar University
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Departmental Seminar on 27th August' 2019

A seminar on "Green Energy, Clean Energy – Challenges and Opportunities" by Dr. Sandeep Kati, Director General, ONGC Energy Center on Alternate energy related research, on 27th August 2019.


India is the fourth largest consumer of energy in the world. In order to meet the growing energy demand of people, the energy production and imports are going up significantly. Electricity generation is likely to spiral up to 2100 Billion units over the next decade. India needs to develop and implement green & clean technologies to meet the growing energy demands and to reduce imports of oil and coal, and also to reduce the CO2 emission to help contain global warming. Green and clean technologies using renewable resources such as Solar, Wind, Geothermal, Nuclear, Hydrogen, etc. need to be developed, customized and implemented on massive scale. Our geothermal resources should also be harvested to use the thermal energy. Hydrogen being the ultimate fuel with zero carbon emissions, conversion of renewable energy to Hydrogen as an energy carrier is likely to be the best option to overcome environmental concerns. In addition, energy storage systems with greater efficiency and compactness need to developed and commercialized. Smart grid technology and self-sufficient stand-alone mini grid systems for remote villages should be implemented whenever economically feasible.

ONGC ENERGY CENTRE (OEC), set up by ONGC India, has initiated R&D in several areas of renewable energy beyond Hydrocarbons to address green and clean energy alternatives. Some of the key areas of R&D include Solar Thermal, Hydrogen, Geothermal, Biotechnology, CO₂ utilization, storage systems, etc.

Event Date: 
Tuesday, August 27, 2019 -
Tuesday 27, Aug 2019
12:00 PM - 01:00 PM