M.A. in English: Distinguish Between Good and Great
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Perks of M.A. in English. Breaking the stereotypes.


Do you remember your graduation day? When you finished your Bachelor's degree, you sensed a ‘proud’ moment. That beautiful feeling when you realise your hard work paid off. But at the same time, you have been struck by another feeling. "Shall I study further, or is it time for me to hit the professional world?". If you choose to study further, doing a master's in your area of study will serve you gold (more than what you expected).

A master’s degree is a brilliant way to take your resume to a higher level. It brightens your future with multiple options. Master’s degree holders can experiment in diverse fields and benefit from applying for mid-senior positions. Students with a postgraduate degree also gain valuable skills at this level of study, such as analyzing and problem-solving skills, critical thinking and logical reasoning, etc.

Invest in non-commercial studies

If you wish to build a career in literature or are interested in pursuing academics to work as a full-time lecturer, an M.A. in English can open multiple avenues for you. This is because the postgraduate degree in English is more than just reading Harry Potter, Five Point Someone and The Alchemist. Instead, the two-year course takes you to historic places and eras through a simple understanding of fiction and reality. At the same time, it pays much heed to political and historical moments that opened the path of liberation for millions of people. So, for example, you study colonialism, non-colonialism, realism, feminism, structuralism, Marxism, and African history, among other crucial topics.

From a personal experience, the course will also give you a better understanding of society, citing its correlation with sociology, psychology, and political science. You'll suddenly be curious to read about some of the great prodigies that gave literature a bigger meaning in their respective eras. How? By simply being themselves and breaking the shackles of conventionalities. Once you complete your M.A. in English, experiment with diverse genres. Perhaps you could read DH Lawrence, Jack Kerouac, Allen Ginsberg, Friedrich Nietzsche, Franz Kafka, Albert Camus, Frantz Fanon, Margaret Atwood, Virginia Woolf, Simone de Beauvoir and Haruki Murakami.

University that cares about your creativity & cost

Now, where do you apply for a Master's in English? Where do you get the chance to study literature a little differently? It is at Shiv Nadar University, Delhi NCR. The postgraduate program dwells deeper into English literary history and world literature through various components, namely critical & cultural theory, translation, creative writing and visual theory.

Shiv Nadar University, Delhi NCR, also pays great attention to pedagogy. This includes interactive classroom lectures, debates and discussions. Here, students get the platform to discuss and debate literature vividly.

Apart from experiential learning, Master’s in English students are also given proper guidance in academic writing, writing for the general public and writing narratives. These writing practices are based on intensive one-to-one interactions between faculty members and literature students. The Department of English at Shiv Nadar University, Delhi NCR prepares the students to write a highly-researched 8,000-word thesis at the end of the postgraduate course by using these writing skills. 

Master of Arts in English here also imparts students with the necessary skills that are imperative for various competitive exams and building a career in publishing and mass communication. After doing the postgraduate course, students can apply in various areas. These include:

● Research & Academics

● Advertising and Public Relations

● Social media & Digital Marketing

● Publishing houses & Print Journalism

● Mass communication & Entertainment

● Civil Services & Other Government Sectors

Shiv Nadar University, Delhi NCR, is one of those universities in India that believes in transcending knowledge to every nook and corner. And hence, it offers certain advantages to students who do not have to compromise on their education. The university provides decent funding for M.A. in English students through research and teaching assistantships. This helps selected literature students pay for their education and ingrain valuable experiences in teaching and research.

So, if you believe there's enough power in a story, novel, or poem that could move mountains, you must invest in this course. It will also take you closer to your dream of becoming a creative writer, literature professor or even a journalist. And for this, M.A. in English from Shiv Nadar University, Delhi NCR is the ideal course for you. So, explore and explode in the most creative space!