Shiv Nadar University alums get together for annual reunion

“Words fail to explain the feelings I am experiencing. It is like meeting someone with whom you were living for four years,” says Sarthak Chopra, of the 2019 batch who was visiting the campus after four years. Sarthak, who works with Siemens Energy, adds that the lessons he has learned while living at SNU pursuing his B.Tech in Electrical Engineering have helped him navigate the complexities in his professional and personal life. 

On the weekend, the campus wore a festive look as faculty and staff joined in big numbers to welcome former students for the Annual Alumni Reunion. Canopies and welcome banners dotted the green campus, bathed in warm December sunshine.

“We hear frequently during our course that ties with SNU go beyond our academic years. I realised the true meaning of it from the help I received from the faculty, Career Development Centre (CDC), and other staff. They were available for help and guidance even after I left the campus,” says Aadya Gupta, who graduated with an MS in Economics in 2022. “I truly miss this place,” adds Aadya, a Research Analyst with Carnegie India.

After the homecoming parade, which saw a feisty musical band welcoming the beaming alums, they streamed in for a welcome reception hosted by the Vice-Chancellor. 

Speaking to the students, Dr. Ananya Mukherjee, Vice-Chancellor, said, “Shiv Nadar University is known for its work, and you are our ambassadors through whom we showcase our excellence. We love to hear from you about what we can do to improve.”

Welcomed with a crescendo of claps, Anubha Bali, Senior Director of CDC and Alumni Relations Office, said, “Reunions are always emotional. These are the precious moments we steal to remember, cherish, and relive the years we spent here.”

The group photograph near the iconic SNU Lake, aptly named ‘Smiles that Bridge the Years,’ saw the university leadership, faculty, and staff capturing a memory.

Speaking about the years she spent on campus, Aadya Prasad, who graduated with a Masters degree in English literature in 2016, said, “Besides academics, what I learned here was social skills. It has helped me in my job as an Assistant Professor teaching English to undergraduates.”

The festivities continued late into the night, with the alums dancing to the beats of a DJ who played popular dance numbers. 

The event culminated the following day, with the alums returning with memories they will cherish for years.