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Residential Life

The 286-acre residential campus houses more than 2500 students, 250+ faculties and staff members. In order to ensure comfortable living of all the residents, the campus boasts of various a large plethora of in-house resources including cafes serving a large variety of food, grocery stores for daily needs, a fully equipped medical centre, indoor sports complex, student recreational centre, central library, post office, saloon, and also an in-house Bank on top of two ATMs. State of the art infrastructure added with pristine greenery make SNU campus idle for learning and continuous growth. 

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Housing Facilities

The residential student hostels at SNU are state-of-the-art and gender-segregated. They are designed to cater to individual student requirements of personal space, while also incorporating a culture of shared living. Each room is designed as a comfortable independent unit with basic in-built utilities. Each hostel is provided with a pantry on the ground floor, equipped with microwave ovens, water coolers fitted with RO and purifiers, and other facilities. The rooms and washrooms are well-fitted and the ladies’ washroom is designed keeping feminine hygiene in mind. The common areas are Wi-Fi enabled in all the hostels. 

Shiv Nadar University is happy to offer both AC and Non-AC accommodation for the students. The AC accommodation is available on a first-come-first-served basis.


Payable Year 1

Payable Year 2

Payable Year 3

Payable Year 4

        Total Payable

Hostel Fees

₹ 1,15500

₹ 1,15500

₹ 1,15500

₹ 1,15500

                ₹ 4,62,000
Mess (Vegetarian meals including Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner. Non-vegetarian dishes to be paid separately)                  ₹ 57,750                              ₹ 57,750                              ₹ 57,750                       ₹ 57,750                  ₹ 2,31,000
Laundry (Fixed)                   ₹ 4,410                             ₹ 4,410                           ₹ 4,410                         ₹ 4,410                 ₹  17,640
Living expenses payable over 4 years                    ₹ 7,10,640

*Subject to revision
*Tuition, Hostel, Mess and Laundry: Subject to revision of upto 5% every year
**Payable at the beginning of every semester

Shiv Nadar University offers both AC and Non-AC accommodation to the students, 33% of total occupancy in both boys’ and girls’ hostels are air conditioned, which will be allotted on first come first served basis (Extra charges of INR 6500 will be levied per year along with electricity charges on actual consumption in case of AC room)







Shuttle Services

The University provides transport service for students and all members of the staff to facilitate travel to the city and any neighboring places during weekends.The weekend transport service is chargeable and the bus shuttles between the campus and a few important landmarks. Students need to register to avail this service, which is on first–come, first–served basis. The pick-up and drop point is Noida, Sector-16 Metro Station. The service is planned and managed by the student transport committee; the time for the bus service is decided basis demand and seasonal conditions.

Safety & Security

Shiv Nadar University takes the security of its students and faculty members very seriously. The fully residential campus, spread over 286 acres, is constantly monitored by a multi-tiered, 24X7 security system that is intense yet non-intrusive.The Campus Security Team is on duty 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days in a year - including holidays and academic breaks. The security personnel patrol the campus round-the-clock and high definition CCTV cameras monitor the hostel blocks, academic areas and residential areas in the campus.

Access to the campus is also strictly controlled. All entry and exit points are guarded and synchronized boom barrier are installed that allow only RFID-enabled University registered vehicles to pass. All University-run transport are GPS enabled for real time monitoring purposes. An efficient Visitors Management System and hostel out pass system ensures the safety of the Campus community.

Within the University Campus, the traffic is regulated and parking earmarked to create designated/exclusive zones for pedestrian movements to support SNU’s commitment to maintaining Green Campus.

All the buildings in the campus are equipped with alarm based fire-fighting systems manned by qualified personnel 24X7.

A Health Center with residential para medic staff and visiting Doctors is adequately supported by an ambulance stationed round the clock at the Campus.


The Café housed in the central library building serves as a common area where faculty members and students interact over hot sumptuous food outside the classroom. The café offers a variety of snack and beverages for quick bites in-between meals.


Shiv Nadar University campus houses students from all 28 states and the cuisine available on the campus reflects that diversity. Catering to the cultural and food preferences of students, the two large Dining Halls (DH 1 & 2) provide a full spectrum of gastronomic delights. The dining areas adhere to the highest standards of hygiene consciousness and are well–furnished and fully equipped.

Functional seven days a week, the dining halls offer an assortment of Indian and International food choices and are serviced by certified caterers with HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points). Apart from the two main Dining Halls, there is also a food court in the main academic block; a café in the central library building and kiosks at the hostel block that sells a variety of snacks. The quality of food served on campus is closely monitored by the student-elected mess committee and the University administration.

Student Food Insecurity
Shiv Nadar University is committed to ensuring student food security on campus. We understand the considerable role food security plays in productivity, student success, health, and well-being ...