The Analog/R.F. and Communication Systems group focuses on areas related to microwave devices and circuits for millimeter to sub-millimeter wave applications, high and low power applications devices, optoelectronics for terahertz applications, vacuum electromagnetic devices, wireless communication, networking, graph signal processing for brain signals and communication applications, IoT, 5G communications, etc. The faculty members and research scholars in this area are working on problems related to fabrication, simulation, and analytical modeling. The following members are associated with this research area:

Faculty Members

  • Prof. Vinod Sharma  
  • Prof. Vijay Kumar Chakka
  • Dr. Naveen Babu      
  • Dr. Madhur Deo Upadhayay
  • Dr. Atul Vir Singh       
  • Dr. Jitendra Prajapati
  • Dr. Kamal Singh    

Research Scholars

  • Mr. Venugopal Kotha    
  • Ms. Priyanka Mathur
  • Ms. Jyothishree Pillai     
  • Mr. Deepak Yadav
  • Ms. Himani Verma