Take a Grip of the Pinnacle of Your Career with a PhD in Economics at Shiv Nadar IoE


Blog / December 13, 2022

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A PhD in Economics is one of the most interesting graduate programs that escalates your chances of landing an impactful job in academia or research. Research in economics is one of the best ways of promoting and conducting global priorities research. A PhD in Economics helps you to hone in-demand skills that lead you to excel in the corporate sector.

Who should consider doing a PhD in Economics?

  • Candidates who are great at math and enjoy formal models in economics.
  • Candidates who are willing to study 50-80 hours per week.
  • Candidates who love intellectual pursuits and have a rigid drive to do self-directed research.

Subjects of Research included in a PhD in Economics:

  • Economics: It is the broadest subject that includes everything from microeconomics to macroeconomics. You can also do a research project on a particular topic in economics.
  • Econometrics: It is the branch of economics that includes mathematical modeling. You could also perform a statistics-based project or research paper on a topic in econometrics.
  • Finance: It includes financial markets like money and interest rates, corporate finance, banking, and international finance. You can also do an independent research project on a particular aspect of finance or business practice in general.
  • International Economics: It covers trade and finance between countries, development, migration, trade policy, economic growth and development, industrial organization, environmental economics, public policy evaluation, and public choice theory.

Significant Potentials of a PhD in Economics Course

  • Earning a PhD in Economics puts you in a position to build a public platform and be a public intellectual through journalism and writing books.
  • With research in economics courses, you acquire a broad set of tools for understanding how the social world performs, which is beneficial for evaluating causes and interventions. This helps you evaluate your future career options better.
  • Excellent job prospects: The unemployment rate for economics courses is very low. So with a PhD degree in economics, you get the opportunity to apply to various rewarding jobs.
  • Salaries for economics PhDs are comparatively higher than other PhDs.

Be High-in-Demand and Increase Your Employment Rate with PhD in Economics

  • A lucrative career option for a student who has completed his/her PhD in Economics is that they can opt for IES (Indian Economic Service) exam, which is conducted by the UPSC.
  • A PhD degree in economics is well-suited for the teaching profession. There are various opportunities in both government and private sector colleges and universities. The students can clear NET conducted by UGC for lecturer profiles. In addition, the remuneration in this area is pretty good compared to others.
  • PhD in Economics will help a candidate to get into a research-oriented teaching profession. The candidates also have the opportunity to be employed in Research labs etc. Moreover, students can apply for the Junior Fellowship exams after their economics Ph.D. Students also have the benefit of acquiring prominent positions while working in journals, magazines, newspapers, etc., in communicating their opinions related to different issues.

Hence, economics courses are in higher demand among students nowadays.

Get Your Hands on the Position Commanding a Lucrative Salary with Shiv Nadar IoE

The Department of Economics at Shiv Nadar Institution of Eminence (Deemed to be a University) has quickly established its reputation as one of the top centers of learning and research in the country. The economics department has a vibrant research environment, and the faculty members are also committed to guiding and encouraging doctoral candidates throughout their doctoral thesis. Upon the successful completion of the Ph.D. in Economics program at Shiv Nadar IoE, the candidates will be at the frontiers of their respective research areas and contribute actively towards advancing the structure of knowledge.

Moreover, if you want to take admission into the top-notch doctoral program imparted by Shiv Nadar IoE, you must fulfill the criteria of eligibility for PhD in Economics.

The criteria of eligibility for PhD in Economics and the admission process at Shiv Nadar IoE are mentioned below:

  • The candidates must have obtained at least 55% aggregate marks in a postgraduate degree in any discipline.
  • Candidates will be shortlisted based on their performance in the admission process (subject to the minimum eligibility criteria being met).
  • Interested candidates are requested to visit the online application link on the economics department webpage (the link is also mentioned below). Additionally, the application fee may be paid online.
  • Applicants who are shortlisted after the first stage of the screening process are given an on-site exam or interview. Relevant details of the examination process and timeline are timely updated on the department’s website.

Visit the link below to get more details about the Ph.D. in Economics program, like eligibility, admission process, etc., at Shiv Nadar Institution of Eminence (Deemed to be a University):