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Blog / March 10, 2022

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Pursuing Ph.D. parallels seeking knowledge about sectors that have not been explored or questioned, developing new skills, and discovering new things. It explores the greater depths of a specific area of knowledge. Ph.D. is purely an academic-based program, and anyone thinking about pursuing a Ph.D. must fulfill the PhD eligibility criteria.

The applicants looking to apply for the Ph.D. must go through the Ph.D. Eligibility Criteria before applying for Ph.D. Admissions. In case the applicants do not fulfill the PhD eligibility, the application shall get rejected by the university.

Delve into the article to acknowledge the detailed information on PhD eligibility and which subject is best for a Ph.D.

What Are the Minimum Criteria for a PhD?

Various institutes in India have minimum criteria for Ph.D., and candidates applying for the course must have a postgraduate degree. It is one of the mandatory PhD eligibility. Without a postgraduate degree, an individual is not eligible to opt for a Ph.D. Moreover, you must have completed your PG in the same subject in which you plan to pursue a Ph.D.

Minimum Percentage Required for PhD

The minimum percentage required for a PhD in India is 55% marks in your post-graduation. However, some private institutes even ask for first-class percentages. So 60% marks can also be the minimum percentage required for PhD admission to some of the reputed deemed to be private universities.

Which Subject is Best for PhD?

Ph.D. universities provide top-tier education & premium research opportunities to help you reach the pinnacle of your career. Therefore, Ph.D. programs in India open up a whole new world of avenues and opportunities for budding students in their respective areas.

Although selecting a Ph.D. subject can be pretty difficult, here is a list of the best subjects for a Ph.D. that can offer you lucrative career options.

  • Ph.D. in Chemistry

A Ph.D. in Chemistry is more focused on independent research areas than just theory. Therefore, students can choose any area in chemistry, such as physical biochemistry, inorganic chemistry, advanced analytical chemistry, physical organic chemistry, etc.

  • Ph.D. in Electrical, Electronics, and Communications Engineering

This Ph.D. course involves designing, installing, manufacturing, and operating electronic systems, equipment, machines, etc. Some of the best universities that offer this course are the National Institute of Technology, IIITs, and private universities like Shiv Nadar IoE, etc.

  • Ph.D. in Physics

This course is based on theoretical & experimental physics that seeks to give individuals professional knowledge in physics. There are various job opportunities available to students after a Ph.D. in Physics degree. Some popular roles include Lab Supervisor, Subject Matter Expert, Teacher & Lecturer, Scientist, Researcher & Technician, Consulting Physicist, Senior Physicist, Technical Writer, and Scientific Officer cum Tutor.

  • Ph.D. in Business Administration

The Ph.D. course is for highly skilled individuals with an analytical grasp of business principles. The Program aims to equip students for careers in teaching & research in management studies and related disciplines and for careers in the government, industry, and other organizations that require advanced analytical and research abilities.

Brace Yourself for Potential Career Prospects with a Ph.D. Degree at Shiv Nadar IoE

The Ph.D. program at Shiv Nadar Institution of Eminence (Deemed to be a University) is structured to enhance inquisitive knowledge to advance the area of study with new knowledge. It provides students considerable flexibility to work on their topics of scholarly interest. The pre-thesis coursework at Shiv Nadar IoE is designed to create a launch pad for high-quality research output. It has two broad objectives:

  • To arm the individuals with the necessary tools and techniques of data analysis and pattern identification.
  • To sensitize the extensive knowledge already created in diverse areas and allied topics.

Shiv Nadar IoE's Ph.D. program encourages students to take up multidisciplinary projects, either among the school's academic areas or from the huge pool of research areas of other Schools at Shiv Nadar IoE. Moreover, a multidisciplinary research environment and the competitive camaraderie among teachers and researchers at Shiv Nadar IoE provide various opportunities for Ph.D. individuals to sail through the knowledge pool from among the entire Shiv Nadar IoE community.

Land in High-Paying and Respectable Job Roles with a Ph.D.

The Ph.D. degree in India offers budding professionals excellent career prospects in the diverse industrial sector that primarily runs on research and innovation. In India, a Ph.D. degree is highly valued in job sectors related to academia and is a degree imparted to students from several fields by renowned universities. Therefore, a Ph.D. degree aims to provide quality doctoral studies to escalate your salary potential and value in the job market.