Top 5 Most Promising Public Policy Courses in India 2023


Blog / November 06, 2023

public policy certificate courses in IndiaCertificate course in public policy in India

India, with its rich tapestry of socio-economic dynamics and an ever-evolving landscape of challenges, has emerged as a vibrant hub for the discourse and transformation of public policy. In an era of rapid global transformation where governments and societies grapple with intricate quandaries, the need for adept policy professionals has never been more pronounced. Public policy courses in India have witnessed an exponential surge in popularity, serving as beacons that illuminate the labyrinthine path to crafting visionary policies and implementing enduring solutions that catalyze societal metamorphosis.

Both state and central governments present an abundance of employment prospects for public policy experts across various domains. According to a recent report from BLS, from 2022 to 2032, the employment for social and community service managers is projected to grow by 9%, much faster than the average for all occupations. Whether one seeks to confront the formidable specters of poverty, healthcare, inequality, environmental exigencies, or the nuances of governance, public policy courses bestow individuals with the indispensable arsenal of tools, wisdom, and analytical acumen essential to navigate the intricate tapestry of policy formulation.

Top 5 Most Rewarding Public Policy Courses in India

India offers a vibrant landscape for public policy education, with several esteemed institutions providing courses that equip students with the knowledge and skills to navigate complex societal challenges. Among the top five most promising public policy courses in India are:

1. B.Sc. (Research) in Economics and Finance

B.Sc. (Research) in Economics and Finance is an undergraduate program that focuses on providing students with a strong foundation in both economics and finance while incorporating a research-oriented approach. This program typically spans three to four years and is designed to equip students with a deep understanding of economic principles, financial markets, and research methodologies.

2. BA (Research) in International Relations

BA (Research) in International Relations is an undergraduate program that integrates a traditional Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree with a strong emphasis on research and in-depth exploration of topics related to international relations. This program covers three to four years and is designed to provide students with a comprehensive knowledge of global politics, diplomacy, international organizations, and research methodologies.

3. M.Sc. in Economics

M.Sc. in Economics is a postgraduate program that provides advanced education in the field of economics. The program typically takes one to two years to complete, depending on the university and whether it is a one-year or two-year program.

4. Ph.D. in Economics

A Ph.D. in Economics is the pinnacle of academic achievement in the field of economics. This rigorous and advanced program typically spans several years, during which doctoral candidates delve deep into economic theory, empirical research, and policy analysis. It includes coursework in advanced microeconomics, macroeconomics, econometrics, and specialized areas of economics such as labor economics, international trade, or environmental economics.

5. Ph.D. in International Relations and Governance Studies

A Ph.D. in International Relations and Governance Studies is an advanced and comprehensive academic program that focuses on the intricate dynamics of global politics, diplomacy, and governance structures. It spans several years and is designed to produce scholars who can conduct groundbreaking research and contribute to the field's academic and policy discourse.

Apart from this, you can also go for some short-term certificate courses in public policy, as mentioned in the section below.

Certificate Course in Public Policy in India

  • Certificate in Public Policy and Governance:

    This course offers a fundamental understanding of policy creation, execution, and governance systems.

  • Certificate in Development Policy:

    It focuses on policies connected to poverty reduction, economic growth, and sustainable development and delves into the realm of development policy.

Become a Policymaking Pioneer with Modern-age Public Policy Courses at Shiv Nadar University (Institution of Eminence)

Shiv Nadar University stands as an excellent choice for those aspiring to pursue a public policy course in India. It extends beyond providing an in-depth understanding of worldwide dynamics and economic factors. Within the School of Humanities and Social Sciences, the University presents a diverse array of public policy courses, including:

Eligibility Criteria for Public Policy Courses at Shiv Nadar University

The eligibility criteria for public policy courses at Shiv Nadar University vary depending on the level, such as undergraduate, post-graduate, etc. However, the general criteria to get admission in the undergraduate public policy courses has been mentioned here:

  • The university evaluates applicants based on their class 12th percentage, followed by SNUSAT / SAT / ACT scores, along with a review of the applicant's application form.
  • There are three routes for admission:
  • Route 1: SNUSAT + Interview
  • Route 2: SAT Score + Interview
  • Route 3: ACT Score + Interview
  • Shortlisted candidates will receive notifications regarding online interviews with their respective departments for the final selection process.

It's important to note that the admission of selected candidates will be provisional, and they must meet the University's eligibility criteria once their class 12 results are officially declared.

Be a Changemaker with Public Policy Courses

Shiv Nadar University takes great pride in delivering education that is both theoretically grounded and practically enriching. By employing a thorough and comprehensive methodology, public policy programs at the university equip students to evolve into proficient analysts, strategic visionaries, and empathetic leaders.

Positioned at the brink of catalytic societal change, public policy courses at Shiv Nadar University act as a driving force in nurturing a fresh cadre of forward-thinking individuals poised to instigate meaningful and constructive reforms in the realm of governance, thereby sculpting a more promising future for everyone. Take the first step toward an exciting future in policy-making. Apply now at Shiv Nadar University and embark on a transformative educational experience that will shape your future.