Top 10 Promising Career Options After an MA in English


Blog / November 07, 2023

ma in Englishcareer after MA in EnglishWhat can I do after MA in English?

English literature has lived through a noteworthy evolution over the centuries, mirroring the diverse nature of language and the cross-cultural influences that have molded it. From its subtle beginnings in Old English, characterized by amazing tales, such as Beowulf, to the complex prose of the Renaissance era, English Literature has constantly excogitated. 

The Middle English era brought us fascinating tales of chivalry in words, such as “Sir Gawain and the Green Knight.” With the Renaissance came a blossoming of poetry as well as drama, epitomized by the likes of sonnets by timeless plays and poets continuing to resonate with audiences today.

Additionally, the 18th century encounters the rise of the novel, with cutting-edge work that traversed human nature and society. Similarly, the 20th century witnessed a literature explosion, as writers typically experimented with forms and styles, giving a massive rise to modernism and post-modernism. In that very era, themes of alienation, disillusionment, and identity became prominent.

Today, English literature continues to evolve in response to contemporary issues, with a tremendous emphasis on diversity, global perspectives, and, of course, inclusivity. The digital era has come up with new platforms for storytelling, further expanding the boundaries of literary expression.

MA in English - Delve Deeper Into the World of Language & Literature

If you want to elate your literary skills and knowledge, an MA in English could be the perfect fit. In the present era, where communication and language play a vital role, an MA English degree is more relevant and gratifying. This professional degree delves deep into the sphere of literature, language, and critical thinking, imparting graduates with dynamic skill sets that are academically ameliorating and highly adaptable to a multitude of career paths: education, publishing, communication, and more.

Some of you might have questioned yourself: after an MA in English, what can I do? Is it a viable option?

10 Top-notch Career Options After MA English

Mentioned underneath are the top 10 prominent career options you can contemplate:

  • Professor

With a post-graduation in English, you can teach at different levels. This usually requires a Doctoral degree, but many institutes hire individuals with an MA in English for adjunct positions. The demand for English professors is continuously increasing. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there will be a 10% growth for the position through 2024, amounting to 2,660 job openings.

  • Editor

One of the promising careers after MA English is Editor. You can work as an editor in any publishing firm, magazine, newspaper, or online publication. Your solid language and writing skills will be highly valuable in this role. The demand for editors is expected to go up from 2021 to 2031, with an expected 10,200 new job openings each year.

  • Content Writer

For developing content like blogs, articles, etc., for websites, social media, and marketing materials, many top-tier businesses seek skilled writers to craft engaging and persuasive content. The future of content writing is promising as businesses and organizations increasingly recognize the value of high-quality content. According to a recent report, the employment of content writers is projected to grow by 4% from 2021 to 2031, faster than the average for all occupations.

  • Copywriter

A copywriter typically specializes in writing advertising and promotional materials for businesses, agencies, or freelance clients. This particular role involves developing engaging and compelling content to sell products or services. Copywriting is one of those skills that will keep growing in the years to come. According to statistics, the job market for copywriters is expected to grow by 7.6% by 2026.

  • Public Relations Specialist

These professionals help organizations manage their public presence by writing press releases, developing content for social media, and balancing media relations. The BLS projects 8% job growth for public relations specialists between 2021 and 2031, faster than the average projected growth rate for all occupations.

  • Communication Specialist

After completing your MA English, you can work as a communication specialist in corporate, government agencies, or non-profit organizations to create and implement communication strategies. The projected job growth rate for this profile is 8% from 2018-2028, faster than the average for other professions.

  • Literary Agent

A Literary Agent represents authors and their works to publishers, negotiates contracts and supports clients in navigating the publishing industry. Even with the explosive and steady growth of self-publishing, literary agents are in high demand for both fiction and non-fiction books on a wide array of topics. The job outlook for these professionals is expected to grow by 12% through the year 2029.

  • Content Strategist

The sole work of a content strategist is to plan and execute content marketing strategies for businesses. This specific role involves not only writing but also strategizing how content becomes engaging and reaches the target audience efficaciously.

  • Linguistics Consultant

An expert in linguistics who provides guidance and expertise in various areas like language translation, communication strategies, accent reduction, and language proficiency assessment to individuals or organizations.

  • Literary Critic or Reviewer

They evaluate and analyze written works, proffering insights on their artistic merit, themes, and cultural relevance. These professionals play a vital role in shaping literary discourse and guiding readers to meaningful literature.

Altogether, it is essential to comprehend that the job market is dynamic. Hence, staying updated with industry trends and continuously enhancing your skill sets to remain competitive in your chosen field is needed. Additionally, networking and building a solid portfolio of work can greatly enhance your career prospects after earning an MA English degree.

Ignite Your Passion for Words with MA in English at Shiv Nadar University (Institution of Eminence)

The MA in English course offered by the School of Humanities and Social Sciences at Shiv Nadar University, reckoned as an Institution of Eminence, is punctiliously curated to blend academic diligence with creative exploration. This particular course immerses students in the rich tapestry of English literary history and world literature while also encircling a wide array of critical and cultural theory, creative writing, translation, and visual theory courses.

Moreover, the School's commitment to balancing an exceptional student-to-mentor ratio ensures the implementation of an all-inclusive and diverse writing program. This course mandates academic writing, public writing, and narrative composition programs.

The MA in English course at Shiv Nadar University encompass the following:

  • High School English Teaching

    Graduates are equipped with the knowledge and skill sets needed to teach English courses at the high school level, imparting a deep comprehension of the subject to the next generation.

  • NET Examination Eligibility

    Completing MA English degree enables students to qualify for the National Eligibility Test (NET), opening doors to opportunities in teaching positions at the undergraduate level.

  • GRE Examination Readiness

    The course readies students to excel in the Graduate Record Examination (GRE), a critical step towards pursuing a Ph.D. in the United States or furthering their academic careers.

  • Ph.D. Programs Worldwide

    Graduates are well-prepared to pursue Ph.D. programs in the United States and various nations like England and other European nations, thanks to the comprehensive academic foundation provided by the course.

  • Competitive Exam Preparedness

    The course equips students with the analytical and communication skills required to excel in competitive examinations such as the Indian Administrative Services (IAS).

In addition to these academic pursuits, the MA in English course at Shiv Nadar University also nurtures aspirants for promising careers in diverse fields such as media, law, and advertising. This versatility stems from the course's focus on critical thinking, efficacious communication, and creative expression.

Elevate Your Literary Expertise with MA English

MA English is not merely a degree but a profound intellectual exploration and expression journey. It equips individuals with the skills to analyze, critique, and appreciate literature, fostering a deep understanding of language and culture. There is nothing wrong with stating that MA English degree empowers graduates to communicate effectively, think critically, and engage with the world through a nuanced lens.

Whether pursuing academia, journalism, or any other field, this degree enriches one's perspective. It contributes to a lifelong love for literature and the art of storytelling, making it a valuable asset in today's diverse and interconnected world. If you plan to enhance your literary skills, join Shiv Nadar University today!