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Blog / November 16, 2023

Ph.D. in ManagementPh.D. in Management in IndiaPh.D. in Management Eligibility

The crest of academic achievement, a Ph.D., is a journey that needs immense dedication, intellectual curiosity, and an unpliable allegiance to the pursuit of knowledge. In a massively evolving world, the importance of a Ph.D. is enduring and progressing, making it a compass for academia’s future, advancement, and problem-solving.


The Ph.D. symbolizes expertise in a specific field, for example, Management. However, its value extends and increases way beyond specializations. It signifies the ability to come up with unique ideas, challenge the pre-existing boundaries of knowledge, and contribute to the betterment of society.

As we stand on the cusp of an era typically defined by technological advancements, worldwide challenges, and multidisciplinary mergers, the imperativeness of a Ph.D. can’t be catastrophized. It ignites cutting-edge research, promotes critical thinking, and imparts students to address and tackle the intricate issues lying ahead.

On the off, if you are passionate about diving deep into the world of Management, pursuing a Ph.D. in Management would be the perfect fit.

The Future of Doctorate in Management

The future for a Ph.D. Management scholar is incredibly promising due to the continuous expansion and diversification of the nation’s economy. Hence, the demand for well-versed and experienced professionals is soaring.

As per the findings of a study by FindAPhD, an impressive 97% of those who have earned a Ph.D. degree, be it Management, Economics, Physics, etc., find themselves gainfully employed. With such an enormous, conducive statistic, it is safe to declare that the horizon is ablaze with promise!

The Scope of Ph.D. in Management in India

The scope of a Ph.D. Management is not just vast and dynamic but massively evolving with the altering corporate and industry landscape. It proffers the transformation to create a nerve-wracking impact, including the corporate world, research, and academia. Mentioned underneath are some key aspects:

  • Academic Excellence

    A Ph.D. Management degree enables you to take a deep dive into research and contribute to the academic field. You can emerge as a professor or lecturer at universities, sharing your wealth of knowledge in the classroom with the next generation of corporate leaders.

  • Research Opportunities:

    The business world and government institutions/universities radically need experts in Management to perform research and policy development. Your Ph.D. degree in Management can open doorways to research positions in multiple organizations.

  • Corporate Leadership

    Numerous top-level executives and CEOs hold Ph.D. degrees. Your research and strategic thinking skills can help you climb ladders toward leadership roles in multinational corporations.

  • Entrepreneurship

    Armed with a Ph.D. Management degree, you can commence your own business ventures with a solid comprehension of business strategies as well as management principles.

  • Think Tanks

    Think tanks and research universities are always in need of well-versed and highly skilled professionals in Management to address numerous socio-economic and business-related issues.

  • International Opportunities

    A Ph.D. Management degree can become your gateway towards international career opportunities, which include teaching and research positions in top-tier universities abroad.

The scope of a doctoral degree in Management is not just confined to these. The opportunities after Ph.D. Management are diverse and can be tailored to your specific interests and expertise within the field of Management. Your advanced research skills, critical thinking, and in-depth knowledge make you a valuable asset in a wide range of industries and roles.

Ph.D. in Management Eligibility

The Ph.D. in Management eligibility may vary considerably, contingent upon the university, location, program offerings, and several other factors. However, the fundamental Ph.D. Management eligibility criteria are delineated below.

  • For entry into doctoral programs like Management at prestigious institutions, applicants must have cleared their post-graduate degree with a minimum cumulative score of 50-60% in any field or specialization.
  • Some reckoned universities/institutions only admit doctoral candidates based on entrance exams or interviews. In addition, a solid score in national examinations like CSIR-UGC NET-JRF, DBT-JRF, GATE-JRF, JEST, ICMR JRF, NBHM, CAT, GRE, GMAT, or equivalent may lead to the exemption of a written test.

If you are considering enrolling in a Ph.D., ensure admission to a top-tier university, as it could be a pivotal juncture in your life. When it comes to offering a Ph.D. in Management, numerous institutions offer exceptional doctoral programs, but one particularly stands tall: Shiv Nadar University.

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Things that distinguish Shiv Nadar University from others are its distinctive USPs lying at the core of the university’s academic ethos. Firstly, it embraces a trans-disciplinary approach as its guiding philosophy. Within the university’s sphere, the boundaries segregating academic domains dissolve, enabling intellects and seasoned teams of faculty to merge efficaciously around dynamic fields of study, promoting a holistic and integrated educational approach.

What’s more? The research is the bedrock of the School of Management and Entrepreneurship under the umbrella of Shiv Nadar University! Its lively research ecosystem empowers as well as stimulates curiosity in Ph.D. Management scholars to dive deeper into their selected domain.

Furthermore, the internationalization of education is Shiv Nadar University’s hallmark. The institution recognizes the cathartic potential of global exposure, motivating and pushing aspirants to get involved with diverse cultures, ideas, and perspectives. Believe it or not, Shiv Nadar University’s collaborations with top-tier international universities and exchange programs open a wealth of opportunities, expanding horizons and nurturing a genuinely global mindset.

Lastly, Shiv Nadar University takes great pride in its highly experienced professors cum mentors in the Department of Management. Comprising distinguished scholars, accomplished researchers, and seasoned practitioners, these mentors are truly dedicated to inspiring and guiding students on their academic journey.

Level Up Your Career with a Ph.D. in Management

A Ph.D. in Management is not merely a degree but rather an intellectual exploration, research, and impact. It imparts individuals with the skill sets and in-depth knowledge to thrive in a rapidly evolving world, and its value extends way beyond the sphere of academia. No matter whether your path leads to academia, industry, or entrepreneurship, pursuing a Ph.D. in Management in India is a gateway to a world of possibilities. Enrol now at Shiv Nadar University to turn your dreams into reality.