B.A. in English - Exploring Top 6 High Paying Jobs


Blog / November 17, 2023

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Propelling the rich dosser of English Literature is like commencing a journey via time and the human experience. It is nothing less than a sphere where words transcend mere text, weaving stories aligning from one generation to another. The brilliant mind behind one such tale encapsulated the essence of human nature, igniting the darkest corners of our souls with his/her writing. 

In the sphere of classic literature, you will find timeless love stories, intricate character studies, and intriguing social alterations. The cumbersome unspoken emotions in a Regency drawing room, the tormenting struggles of a penurious artist in Victorian London, and the moral intricacies of life in the American South- all are etched within the pages of this enduring abiding legacy. 

As we plunge ourselves into these narratives, we can’t help but marvel at the utter storytelling brilliance transcending time as well as culture. It is the scrupulous craftsmanship, the vivid imagery, and the discerning insights into the human condition that bind readers to these enduring works. 

Regardless of the author’s identity, English literature never fades to challenge, inspire, and, of course, entertain. In crisper words, the magic of English literature lies in the ability to proffer comfort during sorrow, companionship at times of solitude, and an entranceway to vivid eras, minds, and worlds. If you have an interest in delving deep into literature, pursuing a B.A. in English could be a massive turning point.

Is It Worth Enrolling in B.A. in English?


The ultimate decision to pursue a B.A. in English should resonate with your passions as well as career goals. Also, it is imperative to dig deep into the potential career paths and contemplate how this degree can support you in achieving your longings. If you are curious about literature and writing and can figure out how it aligns with your career plans, then this can add brownie points to your life by opening ample doors to have a gratifying career. 


For your reference, mentioned below are the top 6 high-paying jobs after B.A. in English that you must ponder upon.

Top 6 High Paying Jobs After B.A. English

Unleashing your inner wordsmith and diving deep into the world of the highest-paying job is possible by pursuing a B.A. degree in English. The below-listed career paths, steeped in the language's enchantment, proffers more than just financial rewards; they provide a canvas for creativity and a perfect platform for storytelling, where words turn into a treasure trove of riches.


  • Scriptwriter:

    A scriptwriter is a storytelling architect who waves the narrative threads, igniting movies, TV shows, and various forms of media to life. With a great dialogue sense, character development, and plot structure, the scriptwriter breathes authenticity as well as emotions into each scene.

Average Salary- 3.5 lac

Highest Salary- 10 lac

  • Curator:

    A curator is the culture custodian tasked with choosing and preserving art, artifacts (historical artifacts) or museum and gallery exhibits. With a profound eye for passionate storytelling, the professional curates collections that entice, inspire, and educate. Professionals bridge gaps between past and present, enabling us to see the rich human history and creativity.

Average Salary- 3.5 lac 

Highest Salary- 7 lac

  • Journalist:

    A journalist is nothing less than the intrepid truth-seeker of the media world, effortlessly investigating and reporting on news and events. The expert serves as society's watchdogs, proffering insights, uncovering stories, and delivering unfabricated details to the public. With a commitment to accuracy and impartiality, a journalist plays a vital role in molding public discourse and holding power to account.

Average Salary- 3.5 lac

Highest Salary- 20 lac

  • Academic Advisor:

    When it comes to the educational cosmos, the academic advisor acts as the guiding star, providing intellects with counsel on their academic journeys. The professionals offer course recommendations, career insights, and support to make sure that students navigate their educational paths efficaciously. Believe it or not, an Academic Advisor is instrumental in promoting student success and helping individuals unleash their full potential.

Average Salary- 3.5 lac

Highest Salary- 9 lac

  • Marketing Coordinator:

    The Marketing Coordinator is the orchestrator of promotional campaigns, working behind the scenes to bring products and services into the scene. An expert juggles diverse tasks, for example, organizing events, crafting digital content, etc., all to ensure a consistent and compelling message reaches the audience. With a hawk eye for detail and creativity, the experts play a massive role in achieving marketing success.

Average Salary- 3 lac 

Highest Salary- 7 lac

  • Ad Copywriter:

    Ad Copywriter is the maestro of persuasion, wielding words to captivate audiences and drive sales. The professional crafts compelling messages resonating with consumers, utilizing creativity and strategic language to make products or services irresistible. With a flair for storytelling and a knack for brevity, ad copywriter is the architect of impactful advertising campaigns. 

Average Salary- 5.5 lac

Highest Salary- 50 lac


Once you polish your B.A. in English, there are ample job opportunities that can be bagged. The above-mentioned are just a couple of the highest-paying jobs after a B.A. in English. Remember, the world is vast and dynamic, and it keeps evolving. This means that in the future, there will be more job opportunities for B.A. English graduates.

Also, it is important to keep in mind that earning potential can gradually increase with experience and time. Additionally, the job market and salary levels can vary depending on industry, location and education certification. Hence, choosing the right college/institution/university is essential.

Navigate the Literary Landscape with a B.A. (Research) in English @ Shiv Nadar University (Institution of Eminence)

Within the hallowed halls of Shiv Nadar University, it is believed that the study of English transcends mere textual analysis. It is a discerning journey into the human experiences, an entranceway to understanding diverse cultures, and a forge for up-scaling those critical thinking and skill sets that are far beyond the boundaries. The B.A. (Research) in English course, nestled within the School of Humanities and Social Sciences, is precisely curated to fuel a fervor for narratives, language, and, of course, the art of expression. 

At Shiv Nadar University, in the B.A. (Research) in English course, you will commence on an odyssey via a massive expanse of literary treasures, be it evergreen classics or contemporary masterpieces. Guided and mentored by highly skilled and distinguished faculty, known for their expertise and experience, you will ravel the complexity of language, interpretation, and the art of literary analysis.

Via spirited discussions, interactive seminars, and intellectually stimulating lectures, the veils obscuring the meanings within texts will lift, and a profound understanding of the worlds they unveil will blossom. In addition, the journey towards a B.A. (Research) in English literature is not limited to the classroom. 

Moreover, Shiv Nadar University's faculty members promote a vibrant and all-encircling community where creativity flourishes. You will get opportunities to participate in literary soirees, workshops, and competitions, giving a platform to showcase your writing prowess, nurture and polish your skills, and get in touch with peers. 

B.A. (Research) in English Syllabus Details

  • First Year:

    In the first year of B.A. (Research) in English, you will get engaged in introductory subjects, offering a basic comprehension of literary analysis and interpretation while exploring the three different genres in literary studies, i.e. poetry, prose, and drama. Additionally, the university ensures that you ingest in school-wide courses focusing on academic writing techniques and the underpinnings of modernity.

  • Second Year:

    Coming to the second year of the program, you will delve into the fundamentals of linguistics and translation studies. Simultaneously, you will delve into significant movements in the historical context of English literature.

  • Third Year:

    The third year of study witnesses an expansion of themes to include more "contemporary" and theoretical subjects. At this phase, you will also enrol in an introductory course in creative writing, nurturing and ameliorating your imaginative talents.

  • Fourth Year:

    Lastly, in the fourth and final year, you will explore further facets of literary research, such as feminism, vernacular literature, and folk literature. Also, you will learn and master the emerging forms of fiction, including films, video games, and graphic novels. Moreover, in the fourth year, you will also craft a research paper, typically guided by a faculty member.

Step Into the Literary World with a B.A. (Research) in English

Believe it or not, a B.A. (Research) in English is way beyond a degree! It is a metamorphic journey of intellectual growth, self-discovery, and versatile skill set development. It entrusts graduates with the ability to comprehend, interpret, and communicate in the world of words. The English study promotes critical thinking, creativity, and effective communication skills that act as an asset in multitudes of professional fields. If you are ready to make your career in the field of English, join B.A. (Research) in English at Shiv Nadar University.