B.Tech. in Chemical Engineering

B.Tech. in Chemical Engineering

The undergraduate degree program in Chemical Engineering focuses on imparting theoretical and practical knowledge in the design, development, operation, and maintenance processes involving chemical engineering and technology. The Department emphasizes on nurturing the creative ability of students.

Sachdev Singh
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Like all other branches of engineering, the first year of study for chemical engineering at the University is shared within the School. After the students learn and strengthen their base in basic sciences and engineering courses in the first year, specialized coursework for chemical engineering is then introduced.


Undergraduate students not majoring in chemical engineering can take a Minor. A Minor must be completed simultaneously with a Major degree program offered across the University. A Minor may not be completed independently of a Major program. This means a student cannot earn a minor after earning their bachelor's degree(s). It is mandatory for at least one active Major to pursue a Minor. For a non-chemical engineering background student, selective University-Wide Elective (UWE) courses with a minimum of 21 credits are required to obtain a Minor specialization in chemical engineering.