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News & Stories

Format: Thursday, March 23, 2023
10 Apr 2020

Dr Samit Bhattacharyya, Associate Professor, Department of Mathematics, Shiv Nadar University has collaborated with scientists from several other countries for a survey study to understand public...

12 Feb 2020

Title: The Sphere Packing Problem - A Breakthrough

Abstract: I will state the general sphere-packing problem in arbitrary dimensions. In three dimensions, the solution is...

10 Jan 2020

The following students have accepted our offer of admission with full financial aid to the Mathematics PhD programme at SNU:

 Arshad Khan
 MSc Mathematics

07 Mar 2019
  • Title: Wandering subspace problem for norm-increasing m-isometries
  • Abstract: The wandering subspace problem for an analytic norm-...
21 Feb 2019

Title: Two Species Semipermeable Exclusion Processes

Abstract: In joint works with E. R. Speer and J. L. Lebowitz, we consider...