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Format: Thursday, July 9, 2020
06 Mar 2020

With Corona Virus (COVID -19) creating news all over the world, Shiv Nadar University has geared up to keep the students, faculty and staff safe from this virus. The University has decided to move...

23 Oct 2019

Gupta, A., Agrawal, R. K., Kirar, J. S., Andreu-Perez, J., Ding, W. P., Lin, C. T., & Prasad, M. (2019). On the Utility of Power Spectral Techniques With Feature Selection Techniques for...

23 Oct 2019

Gupta, A., Agrawal, R. K., Kirar, J. S., Kaur, B., Ding, W., Lin, C. T., ... & Prasad, M. (2019). A hierarchical meta-model for multi-class mental task based brain-computer interfaces. ...

23 Oct 2019

Kirar, J. S., & Agrawal, R. K. (2019). A combination of spectral graph theory and quantum genetic algorithm to find relevant set of electrodes for motor imagery classification. Applied...

10 Oct 2018

Prof. Rajeev was the chief guest at a symposium organised by Institute of Counsellor training, Research and consultancy ( ICTRC ) at Centre Point School, Amravati...