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Format: Saturday, February 23, 2019
15 Feb 2019

Prof. Raghavan identified Culture, Power and Ideology as the three strands that run through the United States' approach to the subcontinent. He took a long view of American presence to reflect on...

12 Feb 2019

Dr Sen in her talk at the Department contextualized International Law as a distinctive sub-field of International Relations. Critiquing its colonial origins, Sen distinguished between two...

31 Jan 2019

Prof. Cooper's was a Visiting Professor at the Department of International Relations and Governance Studies from 28 January to 1 February 2019. During his stint with us, Prof. Cooper interacted...

17 Jan 2019

In this talk, Dr. Roy assessed the contemporary state of realist scholarship in Indian writings on foreign policy and international relations. He made a case for engaging with the varieties of...

11 Jan 2019

Dr De's talk provided a snapshopt of his forthcoming work that maps legal globalization, that is, a shared legal culture that allows lawyers to move and legal spectacles to be consumed, that is...