Writing for Outlook, Dr. Rupamanjari Ghosh advocates how refurbished private sector is taking forward higher education

12 Oct 2018

In an insightful piece which got published in the print as well as the online version of the Outlook magazine, Shiv Nadar University's vice chancellor Dr. Rupamanjari Ghosh writes on how a refurbished private sector is taking forward the higher education mandate in India. Here is the first paragraph of the piece -

The higher education system’s mandate is to provide equitable and affordable quality opportunities to all who deserve and desire such education. Given the mind-boggling scale of the demand, the private sector’s participation is definitely a welcome move. India has one of the world’s largest higher education systems, but it is still not adequate. Since 2003, India has apparently been adding more than 1,000 private colleges every year. Lacking in quality control, this expansion did not quite contribute to skill development or boost the nation’s ‘knowledge economy’, and the private sector mostly remained the second-rate, fallback option for the desperate. As the number of ‘educated’ unemployed kept on growing, some of these teaching shops died their natural death.

Here yo can read the entire article online here - https://bit.ly/2A5UipE