Water Science and Policy Admissions 2021-22 | Shiv Nadar University
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Water Science and Policy Admissions 2021-22

12 Apr 2021

The M.Sc. course on Water Science and Policy was launched by C-PACT in 2017.  It is anchored in the School of Humanities and Social Sciences (SHSS), and is part of C-PACT’s multi-disciplinary research on knowledge, governance and policy reforms on water.  

The course responds to the felt-need for research that questions the nature of knowledge and policy, and builds upon the need for deeper and richer understanding of the meanings and processes of waterpolicies made by state, farms, factories and ordinary people. A unique course that combines fundamental theoretical and field level practical learning, this M.Sc. programme is today a timely and truly necessary knowledge engagement to build a cadre of water professionals with multi-disciplinary, historically and socially contextualised understanding of the complexity and multiple dimensions of water. Rigorous and incisive problem statements, multiple community based, national and international solutions, and appropriate polycentric decision making capacities are necessary for sustainable and just water futures in the 21st century.

Candidates with the M.Sc. and P.G. Diploma degree in WSP are sought for placements by public and private water management organizations in India and abroad.  Work choices on different dimensions of and issues in water, include higher education/research organizations, NGOs, donor agencies, State/Union government, and private firms/consultancies.

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