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Student Scholar Talk Series

17 Feb 2022

The Department of Civil Engineering, School of Engineering is delighted to invite you to the department's new "Student Scholar Talk Series". on 17 February 2022 at 12:30 PM.

The first presentation of the series is by Navdeep Agrawal (Ph.D. student, Civil Engg; Ph.D. Advisor: Dr. Jagabandhu Dixit). Navdeep will present his research work on “Quantification of seismic risk using a probabilistic approach in Indian scenario”. The work was recently published in a peer-reviewed journal article.

The collision of the Indian plate with the Eurasian plate resulted in the formation of significant seism-tectonic features like the Himalayan thrust, Arakan-Yoma, Naga hills, and Tripura folds. Due to its geological, geomorphological, and seismotectonic setting, the North-eastern region (NER) of India is highly exposed to seismic hazards and has the potential for substantial seismic risk. The region has suffered extensive loss of lives and damage to property due to the occurrence of significant earthquakes in the past. Recently, on the 28thof April 2021, an earthquake of Mw 6.0 occurred near Dhekiajuli in Assam, NER, India, leading to ground cracking and the collapse of several houses. Quantifying seismic risk by assessment of hazard and vulnerability at a regional level is a significant step towards effective disaster risk reduction and mitigation strategies. Seismic hazard deals with the quantification of ground motion at a particular site in a specific time interval which can be expressed in terms of peak ground acceleration (PGA) while vulnerability can be a social or physical vulnerability, and it is mainly defined as the social, economic, natural, and built environmental condition of a community that increases its susceptibility towards hazards. Therefore, a seismic risk study considering social vulnerability will enable the policymakers, urban planners, and other concerned authorities to pre-identify the localities with high potential for seismic hazard as well as to understand its impact on the lives of people in the vicinity in case of disaster.