SNUSL BASKETBALL BOYS 2018 | Shiv Nadar University


19 Nov 2018

SNUSL Boys Basketball league 2018, was organised from 9th to 13th November 2018 by Department of Physical Education along with sports volunteers. The league, simply put, was a brilliant one, with each club seeming to bring something different. The scale of emotional input of the players in the league brought forth made this league a truly memorable and outstanding one.

All four clubs BULLS, PHEONIX, PANTHERS, FALCONS participated in the league. the league was played on Double league basis in which each club has to play with others twice. Top two clubs will qualify for final.

After an ultimate showdown in the league rounds between the clubs, BULLS and PHEONIX were top on the chart and sealed their places to play final.

 The final was a nail biting one, the level of play, displayed equally by both teams, was of an intensely high standard and the crowd could visually see the amount of emotional and physical input the players ejected into the game. In a well fought match, after the finals whistle the score was equalised and the match extended to extra time in which PHEONIX put all their extra efforts and won the match by a close 93-87.

All the members of PHEONIX were swallowed in a whirlpool of celebration. Screams, hugs, piggyback rides, handshakes, tears, all of it flowed out.

Words of appreciation was giving by Dr Amrish Tony, Deputy Director, Sports and congratulated the organizers for the successful events and wished them luck for upcoming events in future. Department of Physical Education looks forward to organised other SNUSL events later by this month.