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Life Beyond Sociology

16 Nov 2019

'Life beyond Sociology', was a half-a-day long panel event organized by Totem Pole. Eight panelists were selected who have completed either their Undergraduate or Post -Graduate studies in Sociology and are now pursuing their careers in fields beyond Academia. The purpose of this event was primarily to expose students, who are currently pursuing majors and minors in Sociology, to career possibilities after graduation. The event also aimed to demonstrate how one can apply the concepts learnt in classrooms to spaces outside. 

What possibilities does life hold beyond academia in terms of a career? How does one apply concepts learnt in the classroom to spaces outside? ‘Life Beyond Sociology’, a panel discussion organized by the Totem Pole Club of Shiv Nadar University on November 16, 2019 answered these questions and many more. The first panel session had Prerna Bountra (International Relations Program Officer at Ananta Centre), Rajashree Chowdhury (Independent Researcher and Blogger as well as Executive at Sshristi India Trust), Akash Joshi (Senior Assistant Editor with The Indian Express) and Neeraj Shetye (Shiv Nadar University alumnus and campaign manager in the recently held Maharashtra elections). For the second panel session, the speakers were Inika Hazarika (Shiv Nadar University alumna and Intern at Observer Research Foundation, Delhi), Pallavi Rebbapragada (Journalist and Policy Advisor to the Delhi government), Priyanuj Choudhary (Former Teach For India Fellow and currently working at Language and Learning Foundation) and Aali Sinha (Development Research and Consulting Professional). Each speaker brought their experiences and stories to the table to enlighten Sociology students about the convergence of academic Sociology and real life.