International Workshop on Microfluidics IMW 2020 | Shiv Nadar University
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International Workshop on Microfluidics IMW 2020

03 Mar 2020

Microfluidics is the science and technology of manipulating and analyzing fluid flow in sub-millimeter dimensions. It is the key enabling technology for many emerging applications and disciplines, especially in the fields of medicine, environmental sensing, biology, and chemistry. Also in engineering and physical sciences, microfluidic systems are employed in applications such as control systems, heat management, and energy generation. This workshop was intended for research students and industrial & academic professionals working in the field of chemical engineering, physics, chemistry, materials science, bioengineering & biotechnology. This workshop aimed to provide the participants with the fundamental knowledge in microfluidics and its applications in the product development. Participants also had hands-on experience with microfluidic device fabrication, surface characterization and multiphase flow experiments and simulations.

Testimonials -

Thankful to Dr V M Rajesh sir for accepting me as a participant for IMW 2020.All the lectures appended my knowledge of microfluidics phenomena and its fabrications. Starting from the intuition of how surface phenomena dominate when the surface area to volume ratio of geometrical features increases and thus the associated flow physics at micro scales. The understanding of these could not be translated in the form of a device if fabrications are not achieved, various simple to advanced methods of micro to nanofabrication techniques was learnt. Most of the phenomena are surface-based phenomena or happens at the surface, thus fundamental understanding of surface morphology is important, which was taken care by different surface characterization techniques. Also, by bioinspired surfaces, how the hierarchical structures modulate the surface phenomena were learnt. Motivations for developing devices that can be useful for field scale (like medical diagnostics) at a nominal cost. My motivation for attending this workshop was the hands-on experience, starting from channel fabrications, its surface characterizations and performing experiments and simulations using COMSOL and OpenFOAM for having the different regime of two-phase flow. Thanks to the TA’s. Thanks to SNU for organizing such a workshop.
-Waquar Raza, Research Scholar, IITKanpur


Thanks for accepting my application and giving me this opportunity to learn cutting edge technologies in Microfluidics. Hands-on training with high end machines and discussion with stalwarts of the field made learning a wonderful experience. Covering different aspects, it was a pefect mix of topics and people of Microfluidics. From the lectures of Prof. Buwa, Prof. Kedarnath, Prof. Panigrahi, Prof. Hegde, Prof. Rajesh, Prof. Grewal, Prof. Roy, Prof. Chakraborty and many more, I learned a lot and found the whole workshop really inspiring. It was very exciting for me to see various instruments in their working phase like CNC Milling Machine, Laser
Machine, Optical Microscope, Profilometer and Drop Shape Analyser. I also learned PF and VOF methods to simulate the multiphase flows in micro channels. I have completed my PhD research in the field of “Hydrodynamic Stability of non-Newtonian Nanofluids” and this workshop introduced me to new facets of experimental Fluid Dynamics. During lectures, demonstrations and interaction with subject-experts as well as with other participants, I shared a lot of experiences. Thanks for your wonderful hospitality, management and for all round efforts to make it happen. Again, I congratulate the entire team for organizing such a successful workshop (IMW-2020).
-Reema Singh, Research Scholar, IITKanpur, CCS University, Meerut


First of all, I would like to extend my sincere thanks for considering me to attend the workshop as one of the internal participants. I have to say that, you and your team have done not leave any stone unturned in organizing the workshop as per the standards it has to maintain. As a budding researcher, I am very happy to learn about the basics of microfluidics, its fabrication techniques and the importance of wetting during the operation. This workshop has highly motivated me to think out of the box especially from the lecture sessions of Prof. Suman Chakraborty and Prof. Debjanini Paul. During my interaction with outside participants, I have had received an overwhelming response to the workshop from them. I sincerely thank you and your entire team once again for the successful conduction of IMW 2020 and eagerly look forward to such kind of events near future in collaboration with one another.
- Jayanth Ivvala, Research Scholar, Shiv Nadar University


First I would like to thank you and your enthusiastic groups for organizing such workshops where I gained basic knowledge related to my research work, and apart from that it has been a very good experience for me to learn many innovative things and to build a good networking in the field of multidisciplinary research field.
- V. Thendral, Research Scholar, Jain University, Bangalore


I wish to give you so much more than just a thank you note for the beautiful workshop you gave us. I absolutely love it. But as for now, thank you.
-Ajitesh Dhal, Postgraduate, VIT, Vellore


I would like to thank you and Dr. Susanta Roy for arranging such an amazing workshop on microfluidics at Shiv Nadar University. It definitely enriched my knowledge of microfluidics which I am planning to work on, hence it would help me to start my work in the right direction.
-Subhadra Nandi, Research Scholar, IIT Jodhpur


Firstly, I would like to thank you for the wonderful workshop. Being a biologist, the modules were new to me, but I must say I learned a lot. I believe I could apply the knowledge gained to my future work. Secondly, I am looking forward to more such workshop at SNU.It was indeed a wonderful and learning experience for me.
-Ashwini Kumar, Research scholar, NIT, Raipur



I  am grateful for the workshop and I enjoyed all the session which I attended specially the demonstration session.
-Rohit Goyal, Postgraduate, JECRC Foundation, Jaipur


It was an excellent opportunity to meet some of the most inspiring, brilliant minds in the field of microfluidics, and I have brought back wonderful memories and productive discussions. Keynote lectures were very informative. Thank you for your hospitality and very well organized workshop.
Abdul Quiyoom
Senior Research Scientist, Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited



I would like to thank the whole team for this wonderful workshop.Thankyou for your excellent hospitality. It was an great opportunity to meet inperson of people who are excel in the field of Microfluidics. Thankyou for the wonderful platform to interact with different peoples working in different applications.
Gowthami A
Senior Research Fellow Department of ECE SSN College of Engineering



First of all, a very humble greeting to you and Shiv Nadar Associates. I will start by extending my thanks for providing such a platform to utilize in order to explore and learn new cutting edge dimensions to improve research based on the reduced dimensional operation. During the entire tenure, I have come to know a lot about the possibilities which can be opted in the regime of microfluidics. As I am a biotechnologist, for me the exposure related to bacterial cell culture possibilities within microchannels along with its hydrodynamic simulation was very much of utility.I will look forward to the association with Shiv Nadar University as the research facilities are state-of-the-art. Thanking all organizers for such great exposure.
Anuj Rohatgi
Ph.D. Fellow, NIT Raipur


Firstly, I would like thank you n your team....what a marvelous workshop you people organized...... everything is in well organized manner and all the labs are fully established ....
Thank you so much for your kind support and help  and my special thanks as a participants of  this workshop..... really it's very good opportunity to us.....
Supriya yadav
Manipal University Jaipur
Research scholar