Freshmen Week 2018-19 | Shiv Nadar University

Freshmen Week 2018-19

15 Aug 2018

With the arrival of all freshmen students, the sports program is now well underway in its first month. New facilities, features and sports programs have been introduced for students. Some highlights of the freshmen week are as follow:

1) Morning fitness program and evening sports activities were introduced for the freshmen as per their ability and interest.
2) Introduction of Sports facilities to the freshmen students.
3) Interaction of Freshmen Students with the Returning Students by the means of friendly tournaments.
4) New creative and recreational activities introduced to encourage and motivate all SNU freshmen to become active and healthy.
5) Chess club activities introduced with first freshmen tournament on 24th July 2018 with activities on open chess garden.
6) Introductory session on Bridge for freshmen by Mr Rajeshwar Tiwari on 25th July 2018.
7) 5 km cross country run for freshmen students on 29th July 2018.