Dr Priyanka Katiyar being granted a research project funded by the CST-UP | Shiv Nadar University
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Dr Priyanka Katiyar being granted a research project funded by the CST-UP

24 Sep 2022

Title of the Project: Pyrolysis of oil extracted spice waste and up-gradation of bio-oil to bio- diesel using novel catalysts.
Funding Agency: Council of Science & Technology, U.P.
Project Investigators: Dr. Priyanka Katiyar & Dr. V.M. Rajesh

In recent years, due to increase in the demand of natural extracts, oil extracted spice waste is increasing at an alarming rate annually. Currently, the amount of spent celery seed sent for disposal as waste is around 1200 tons annually in India. Similarly, the tanning industry generates 4 million tons of solid waste per year globally and acclaimed as a potentially pollution- intensive industry. Three are various techniques available to treat tannery wastewater under primary and secondary treatment process however sludge/waste generated from tanning industry does not have any suitable application and majorly sent for land disposal or incineration. These wastes have high oxygen demand for decomposition and leach toxic chemicals and elements to the soil as well as drinking water such as chromium in case of tannery sludge. Thus, handling and disposal of spent spice waste as well as tannery sludge are serious economic and environmental concerns and strategies need to be investigated for their effective utilization. To deal with these concerns, valorization of spent spice waste is proposed as a promising alternative to reclaim energy and produce biodiesel while generating stabilized solids for carbon storage and soil in present proposal. Since, tannery sludge contains many metals and minerals such as Cr, Zn, Si, Al which act as promoter to enhance the thermochemical conversion, it will be utilized as a catalyst in proposed work. The aim of present work is to utilize spent solid waste of spice oil industry as a feedstock for bio-oil production which is well known alternative of fossil fuels. This way two important issues of current times is being addressed together: handling of solid waste and production bio-fuel. To make the production bio-oil efficient and reduce the char production, tannery sludge based catalyst will be used which will provide a value-added utilization of tannery waste. It is proven that biomass can’t be completely converted into bio-oil, some amount of char will definitely be generated and bio fuel produced by pyrolysis is a low quality fuel, not suitable for direct use. Now that char will also create disposal problem, thus in proposed work, char will again be used as catalyst for upgradation of bio oil to bio-diesel after chemical and thermal activation. Therefore, proposed study aims at the complete utilization of spent spice waste and tannery sludge for value-added production of bio-diesel and bio-chemicals.