Dr Dan Schueftan on contemporary West Asia | Shiv Nadar University

Dr Dan Schueftan on contemporary West Asia

11 Jan 2019
  • Dr Schueftan during his talk. 

Dr Dan Schueftan, one of the world's leading experts on West Asian affairs, a former senior national security advisor to the government of Israel, and former advisor to two prime ministers of Israel, delivered the inaugural talk of Spring 2019 at the Department of International Relations and Governance Studies. The title of Dr Schueftan's talk was "Current Dynamics and Future Trajectory for West Asia and the World Order". 

In his lecture, Dr Schueftan provided an overview of the contemporary trends shaping Arab and West Asian affairs and covered contentious issues such as the Syrian war, American disengagement from the region, Russian presence, Iran-Israel tensions and Turkey's changing role. The lecture elicited a wide range of responses from students and faculty and made for a lively academic-cum-policy session.