Certificate Programme in Water Science & Policy specializing in Large Dams in India and Research Methodology

01 Jan 2019

SNU invites applications to the Certificate programme in Water Science and Policy, starting in January 2019. The Module is in two parts " Large Dams in India + Research Methodology for Water Science and Policy."
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- https://applications.snu.edu.in/OnlineAppCert/public/application/Register/index

India's tryst with dams and destiny is well known. This module focuses on what we know about the experience within decision-making bodies, hydro-power and irrigation organizations, river systems, habitats and people along river basins,  and how we know these experiences. It is delivered as a comprehensive module, covering India's post-independence experience with large dams, and the larger questions about research methodologies and research methods (quantitative and qualitative) for studying water, in Indian and larger South Asian and global contexts. This module brings to the students, an exciting combination of empirical, theoretical and action-oriented knowledge