Marketing Management - An Ideal Course to Excel
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Why Marketing Management is a Comprehensive Course to Excel in any Field


A marketing management course is not just about business. It delineates an array of skills that can be advantageous in any field. For example, marketing techniques transcend the business domain and are widely used in many careers. If we talk about outside of a conventional marketing role, individuals often gain profits from knowing the principle values of the sector that bring together people, brands, and commerce. 

The universal subject teaches the nuances of customers’ behaviour that help in bringing financial gains. It uses diverse data to make wise and insightful business-related decisions. Students who have a knack for business and want to test their creative potential should definitely consider taking up this discipline. It is shining with countless opportunities, especially in today’s world of growing digitization.

Is a marketing management course right for you? Definitely. Here’s why. 

Consumer behaviour analysis: The most successful businesses are built on customers' rules and demands. The course allows the students to understand the diverse needs of different customers, especially in today's conscious world of responsible customers. At the same time, interaction with other groups teaches patience, and one knows what to deliver to its consumers.

Learn how to attract attention: Building a brand is one thing, and making it successful is another. The latter can be achieved by understanding the nuances of design, promotion, branding. Therefore, students studying marketing management courses shall be trained to keep the customers engaged in the product.

Read and analyse data: Marketing educates essential aspects of interpreting data and analytics. In some cases, firms prefer candidates who know how to comprehend insights. However, the skill can also be used in any job depending on the review of consumers, data or metrics.

Polishes communication skills: Human interaction plays a significant role in marketing. Under this discipline, aspiring marketers learn to brush their communication skills by directly interacting with sundry audiences.

Ample of job options: Students successfully finishing this course have a plethora of employment opportunities for them. This includes job profiles like marketing manager, data specialist, brand developer/manager, product marketing manager, marketing assistant, others.

Prospects of higher remuneration: Completion of this course offers a hefty salary package, starting from Rs. 30,000. It may include incentives, bonuses and health insurance, depending on the candidate's performance and work experience.

Confused if you should just pursue BBA in marketing management or MBA too? Choose the one that decides your future.

Are you now curious about how just building a product, tagline or trend intrigues the audience and gains popularity by mere tweets and posts? Then you should apply for this course to satisfy your unquenchable thirst to know the dos and don'ts of the marketing business and management. A BBA in Marketing Management - a 3-year undergraduate program - will answer all your complex questions. The course allows students to excel in accounting, economics, business development, and related studies. Students, who pursue a BBA degree in Marketing Management, study subjects like:

  • Fundamentals of Management
  • Business Economics
  • Business Mathematics
  • Computer Systems, etc.

Students who wish to build a career in entrepreneurship, academics or have a passion for specializing in the field of Marketing can apply for MBA in Marketing Management. The two-year is a postgraduate course to learn state-of-the-art marketing concepts such as digital marketing, advertising, customer perceptions and behavioural patterns.

Shiv Nadar University, one of India's leading research-focused educational institutions, offers students BBA in Marketing Management and an MBA in Marketing Management under its School of Management and Entrepreneurship.  Both the programs provide countless opportunities for students to gain exposure to the business world and other fields as well.  The university also offers a wide range of scholarships to candidates - a merit basis - for those who wish to pursue an MBA in Marketing Management. These scholarships have no financial conditions; however, they will be selected based on their exceptional CAT scores. In addition to that, the university’s Atal Incubation Centre, under SME, also allows students to build start-ups and study simultaneously.