Executive MBA: A Pathway to Boardrooms
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Mid-senior professionals, it’s time to pull up your socks! | Executive MBA


There was a time when market managers were only asked to take care of their clients, keep track of their squad and bring maximum business to their organization. Then came the deadly virus (COVID-19) that bewildered the business industry, and everyone was asked to do everything. American singer Bob Dylan's The Times They Are A-Changin song was taken way too seriously. From handling clients to team members, and managing content to google analytics, a mid-senior level professional was compelled to do everything. 

This unfurled the scope of integrated professional courses wherein mid-level executives trained themselves to become more skill orientated and adapt to rapid changes in the ‘new brave business world’. It also opened multiple doors for them to earn double digital salary tags and enlarge their networks. This brings us closer to discussing professional courses like Executive MBA programs vividly.

According to the 2021 Executive MBA Council (EMBAC) student exit survey, Executive MBA graduates garnered a whopping 14.7 per cent hike in compensation in salary and bonuses after completing the program. There is more to it. The data claimed that another 36 per cent of students received a promotion during the program, and 49 per cent said they were given more significant responsibilities at their workplace during the program.

This discussion takes us to a critical question. 

If this course is so crucial for today's mid-level corporates, why aren't good-ranking universities offering it? Instead, how many offer this course with a credible faculty, alumni pooling and curriculum?

Here’s your answer

Shiv Nadar University, Delhi NCR, offers an Executive MBA – an intensive marketing management course for mid-senior executives who want to catapult to higher job roles and responsibilities by honing their managerial and technical skills. The two-year program is offered by the University’s School of Management and Entrepreneurship (SME). 

Learning at Shiv Nadar University, Delhi NCR is a blend of traditional and modern aspects. The University has the best of both worlds. Hence, it offers today’s management students full freedom to choose their area of study through specializations. Those who pursue an Executive MBA from the University can specialize in saucy corporate-driven areas:

●    Finance
●    Digital Transformation
●    Entrepreneurship
●    Business Analytics and Data Strategy

But what about the teaching and research track record of Shiv Nadar University, Delhi NCR? Read below maybe?

●    The University’s renowned faculty members have academic experiences from some of the leading educational institutions in India and abroad and have an excellent track record in training, teaching and guiding students in their study area.

●    While pursuing this course, participants have free access to library resources – newspapers, books, journals, magazines, DVDs and research journals.

●    The integrated program has been designed with exceptional e-learning components: top-notch business simulations, Coursera course integration and Harvard case studies.

●    Professionals can interact and learn from other students at Shiv Nadar University’s humanities, sciences and management departments.

●    Profesionals learn through new forms of education like live projects, case studies, industry visits, practical implementation, discussions and debates, experiential learning, and lifelong learning.

●    Relaxing and taking a day for yourself is as important as working on your dreams. And Shiv Nadar University, Delhi NCR, understands this work-life balance really well. And for this, the University has outstanding campus facilities for professionals. These include yoga classes, campus relaxation areas (located far away from the city life), amongst others.  

Climb the corporate ladder faster but wisely

Yes, your goal for 2022 is to climb the corporate ladder faster, but if you do not know where you are going, how will you understand the direction and speed of your growth? So, set goals for yourself, choose the right educational space and invest in your study area (it could be commercial or non-commercial). Do not wait for one of those days when you ponder, "I am working so hard, but where is the result?" You are typically older and have enough work experience. All you need to do is have a vision and work accordingly. Shiv Nadar University's Executive MBA will definitely give you a larger vision.
If you want to know more about the management school at Shiv Nadar University, Delhi NCR, take note of the following statement from Dr. Bibek Banerjee, Dean of the School of Management and Entrepreneurship.

"The School of Management and Entrepreneurship has devised a strategic intervention framework steeped in quality management education with a strong flavor of practical experience and technology."