How a PhD in Management degree helps you gain an edge
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Gain a competitive edge over others. Pursue Ph.D. in Management


In today's world, most employment opportunities in the business management field require a basic business or business-related diploma degree. And to fulfil this criterion, the majority of the job aspirants already have the required degree. Under such circumstances, it is unusual for students to think beyond the lines – to obtain a Ph.D. degree in Management. However, if you choose to stand out from the crowd and wish to gain a competitive edge from the rest of the pack, Ph.D. in Management is the ideal course for you.

What is Ph.D. in Management?

A Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) degree is a 3 to 5 years doctoral course in management studies, mainly divided into six semesters. It is a terminal degree – the highest achievement in the education field. The program offers budding academicians research-based methods to resolve problems and identify and analyse gaps in the subject. In addition to that, this specific Ph.D. degree provides students knowledge in several business-related activities so that they incorporate their ideas with their business skills. The research-based course provides students with an in-depth understanding of human resource management and organizational behaviour. 

The course is mainly pursued by students who wish to build a career in academic research or teaching management studies at business educational institutions. These B-Schools also give preference to the students/scholars who have completed their Ph.D. from the same college.  The interested candidates who wish to pursue Ph.D. in Management can apply only after completing the Postgraduate degree in management studies.

Admission to this course is permitted either on a merit basis or by conducting an entrance examination. Most top-grade universities accept candidates who have scored 60% and above marks in PG. In some cases, universities also consider the application of those who have scored 50% and above marks. The eligibility criterion for doing Ph.D. in business is simple. The administration or university announces the selected applicants. They receive a notification in case they are selected for the course. For more, Students can check important announcements on the university website.  

Is Ph.D. worth your time in today’s fast-moving world?

From contributing extensively in your discipline to accomplishing your career goals by practising research-oriented methods, there are many productive reasons to do a Ph.D. Here are some of the key reasons that will help you in making the right choice:

  1. Higher pay scale prospects: Earning a Ph.D. in Management will increase your chances of extra remuneration if coupled with pertinent working experience. However, your salary will also depend on the type of industry you choose to specialize in. For example, salaries range from mid to higher levels in industries like finance and accounts.
  2. Build your academic career: Most PhDs allow research aspirants to teach undergraduates. Ph.D. scholars are also frequently hired by the university they themselves are part of. Here, working hours and deadlines may differ from business firms; however, the work is fascinating and rewarding, and the salaries are pretty good.
  3. Excel your research skills: This is possibly the most in-depth form of the course wherein a student spends a few years researching to understand, identify and analyse a problem using research methodologies. And if you’re looking for a fresh challenge to help you enhance your individual development, a Ph.D. is the subject for you.

To cut a long story short

Ultimately, it is your decision whether you want to pursue a Ph.D. or not. It is definitely a personal decision and a critical one that will decide and define your future. However, there are a few questions worth asking yourself before applying for Ph.D. as the course demands determination, perseverance and passion. Firstly, you should contemplate whether the long-term course aligns with your life goals. And if that's a yes, consider Ph.D. programs in Management from Shiv Nadar University that encourage researchers to pick up projects that are multidisciplinary. The research-focused university offers Ph.D. courses under the School of Management and Entrepreneurship (SME) intending to provide detailed knowledge in business management and allied topics. The duration of the Ph.D. program at Shiv Nadar University is four years; nonetheless, in a few cases, the students may be given an additional semester to finish all the program requirements.