BA in English - Debunking the Myths
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Debunk the myths about BA in English


“There are no more jobs after doing a Literature major”, ‘’you are simply wasting your time and money”, ‘’there’s no room for writers nowadays” are some of the most common judgments a literature student usually gets while pursuing English Literature formal course. It is usually accepted as a step into a purposeless future, redundancy, joblessness and insobriety. In other words, no job, no future, and certainly no life. Not just that, family and confidantes try their best to turn ‘novice’ students away from such an “inept” subject.

Debunking myths about BA in English Literature

BA in English Literature - a 3-year undergraduate course is a renowned and classic subject that enhances strong reading and writing skills. And a budding bibliophile or writer should consider pursuing this course.

English is an extensively broad subject. It covers myriad subjects like history, political science, sociology, Feminism, Post-colonialism and literary theory. So, yes, that’s the BA in English literature syllabus. And that’s not it. There’s more to it.

The major celebrates the essence of storytelling and educates budding writers to be analytical, creative, think critically, and, most importantly, be imaginative.

It’s an interdisciplinary course wherein a student gets an idea of merging contexts with multi-layer topics such as culture, psychology, philosophy, to name a few. In addition, students applying for the major will get an opportunity to analyse well-known literary works.

Sauntering from one class to another, without a plan, to study different authors of different eras – Elizabethan, Modern, Renaissance, Romantic, Victorian and much more - will never disappoint you instead it will only broaden your horizon. The subject will appease your curious thirst that desires to know more.

There are infinite job opportunities after pursuing BA in English literature. Students can apply for employment in journalism and mass communication, advertising, writing & publishing, public relations, scriptwriting, content writing, creative writing, teaching and academics.

A quick glimpse at the doors that BA in English can unlock for you!

An English degree focuses on providing students with an opportunity to study and critically analyse novels, plays, and poetry across the different spectrums, enhancing students' reading, writing and researching - case of higher studies like Ph.D. – skills.

The students get a chance to learn various topics at an undergraduate level. These include European, Literature Indian Classical Literature, American and British Literature, Structuralism, Anglo-American Drama, English Grammar and Literary Terms, Post Structuralism, Literature and the Concepts of Caste, Literary Studies.

Another critical reason to consider pursuing BA in English is the ability to soar and enhance your creative skills. Various modules under the course give the students the freedom to explore their creative literature through prose, poetry, prose, and even scriptwriting.

Studying literature will open your doors to exciting travel and employment opportunities. For instance, if you are studying a module that needs work experience, you get the chance to work in several fields like non-profits, academia, international firms, tourism, heritage, and the media.

In the fewest possible words…

Hopefully, by now, you know the misconceptions and stereotypes that center around English Literature. We also hope we brought to the table some of the significant facts - about BA in English - that you never knew before. However, if you still have doubts, addressing your professors or an expert in the major might help you understand the subject better. If that clarification gives you a positive sign and whole-heartedly want to study Literature, Shiv Nadar University, under its Department of English, offers BA (Research) In English- a 4-year undergraduate program. The course certifies its students for a research degree, warranting them to explore major areas of arts, aesthetic and intellectual thought in literary studies.

Apart from critical academic writing, the course also gives students the liberty to explore their creative potential by focusing on fictional writing. At Shiv Nadar Univerity, there is no contradiction between expository and creative writing. The undergraduate course, crafted by the department, gives the students intellectual training and brushes their communication skills that are imperative for scores of professions: publishing, journalism, advertising, content writing the civil services.