B. Tech. Computer Science & Engineering: A Gateway to Futuristic Careers
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Why has Computer Science Engineering Gained Traction Lately?


Engineering programs in India have always been the first choice for intermediate students citing high earning potential, lucrative job opportunities, commendable exposure and flexibility. As a result, the domain has evolved, with as many as one million young students pursuing engineering courses. According to a report by the Indian Express, engineering is the fourth primary stream in the country, with a skyrocketing 38.52 lakh applicants in several universities (including private and government education institutes).
But there's a hidden detriment to it.

The report also says that as many as 80 per cent of Indian engineering graduates face unemployment in today's ultra-competitive and expensive world. Now, why is that? In many cases, students do study engineering. However, they fail to acquire the skills needed in today's fast-paced world. For example: In government institutes, they understand the discipline's theoretical aspect. Nonetheless, they fail to build a link with the industry. Why? Because these government-run institutes have less autonomy than private ones. Also, they get fewer chances of attaining a scholarship in government colleges.
The right educational space has an unrivaled history of renowned teachers, mentorship, placement cells and unparalleled academia that helps students gain a holistic understanding of their respective subjects. So now you must be wondering, ‘which is the best university and engineering course in India?’
Let's get rid of your curiosity.

Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) is one course that has gained traction among science students in the last few years. It is chosen by students to learn programming languages, software understanding, program design, and coding and project management, to name a few.
B.Tech. Computer Science – undergraduate program - can be pursued at Shiv Nadar University, Delhi NCR, India's top-ranking educational space that believes in practical, multidisciplinary, and well-structured education. The course is offered by the University's School of Engineering (SoE).

It is noteworthy to know that the Computer Science and Engineering Department offers research in the following diverse areas:
●      Security and privacy
●      Data science and engineering
●      Machine learning and computer vision
●      Wireless, mobile computing and networking

To your surprise, it also offers marvelous opportunities for students through unique lecture series, student clubs like the ACM and ACM-W student chapter, and special projects in advanced programs.

Upon completing the course, students can apply in multiple industries – business analytics, web development, cyber-cell, and Artificial Intelligence (AI). Yes, there are a lot of career options after B.Tech. CSE. Shiv Nadar University, Delhi NCR, also offers higher-level integrated programs in case you are interested in academics. These higher-level programs are M.Tech. in Computer Science and Engineering and Ph.D. in Computer Science and Engineering.
The mission of Shiv Nadar University, Delhi NCR is to deliver academic excellence to computer science engineering students by:
●      By supporting their professional life – offering placements and internships to computer science graduates in leading corporate houses
●      By offering them endless resources – newspapers, journals, research books, DVDs and practical learning – so that they understand their discipline better
●      By providing them with new forms of learning – experiential learning – to make them future-ready leaders for the competitive world
●      By polishing their soft and technical skills such as critical thinking and logical reasoning skills, self-discipline, team leadership and professional values and ethics
●      By helping them build contacts in the relevant industry. For example, participation in conferences, seminars, workshops, field visits, etc.
●      By giving them free space to be what they want and allowing them to take a ‘day off’. Remember, a balanced life is always a successful life.

Don't succumb for less!
Despite being the most-preferred program, engineering universities and colleges have failed to offer quality education to lakhs of young, talented students. Profit-desperate administration, inadequate skill education, blatant corruption, greater emphasis on traditional methods and scarcity of experienced teachers are some of the critical problems afflicting today's higher education.
Engineering graduates across the country are stockpiling their degrees despite lacking proficient skills. For what joy? Isn't it the role of our education system to help them achieve their goals? Isn't it the educational institute's responsibility to work on their abilities? If you think yes, make sure you invest in the right one. And the right one is Shiv Nadar University, Delhi, NCR.