B. Tech in Mechanical Engineering - Know the Importance of this Degree
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Learn to Discover with a B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering Degree


Do intriguing successful stories of NASA inspire you, or do you spend time reading about great discoveries made by SpaceX? Have you always manifested being a part of such great scientific discoveries? Well, such dreams may come true; however, you need to know more apart from being just awe-struck by these stories and discoveries. To get into all this, you must also comprehend the complexity and importance of such gigantic projects and organisations. Great discoveries do not have to happen frivolously. It requires ample workers who take charge of programming, safety, and security. It also requires an innovative and strategic workforce who can design, manufacture, and install elements that will make the discovery successful and worth being shared. 

Speaking of the latter’s demand and importance, mechanical engineers are innovator workers who use their experiments and evaluations to polish and create product designs. For instance, they play a big part in designing, developing, launching, and orbiting a spacecraft around the Moon using an Indian-made launch vehicle. With their assistance and innovative skills, India had the chance to make a remarkable history in space and science. We all remember the first Chandrayaan: unveiled to study the Moon's chemical, mineralogical and photogeologic mapping. 

Art and the artist 

Mechanical engineering can be regarded as the art of using intelligent problem-solving techniques to develop, design, and manufacture innumerable objects. In a nutshell, mechanical engineers, by implementing knowledge of physics, and mathematics, create innovative methods to make an abstract concept a real thing. And their art can be found in anything and everything: smartphones, biomedical technologies, airplanes, and even hybrid plants. If you manifest to unveil or create such discoveries and are interested in non-banal aspects of engineering, you should pursue Mechanical Engineering B.Tech courses.

Importance of reputed academic spaces

Engineering India is the most sought-after course among today's teens. These days there are thousands of engineering varsities in the country. However, not all educational spaces can be relied upon to pursue a complex and intensive course like B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering. So, make sure you choose a university that holds academic excellence. Shiv Nadar University, Delhi NCR, India’s leading private varsity that has been recently conferred with “The Institute of Eminence”, offers B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering with numerous electives in:

Surface Engineering
●Computational Fluid and Solid Mechanics
●Advanced Structural Materials and Applied Tribology
●Energy Conversion Technologies and Energy Management

The Department of Mechanical Engineering at Shiv Nadar University, Delhi NCR helps mechanical engineering students not only focuses on the theoretical aspect of the subject but also facilitates research in multiple specialized and interdisciplinary areas. 

Why is Shiv Nadar University, Delhi NCR the best varsity in India to pursue B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering?

●Students study a research-oriented, industry-driven interdisciplinary curriculum while studying B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering.

●Young engineers learn through experiential learning approaches in this undergraduate course (more than 80 percent of the course has projects/lab elements).

●Students receive help and guidance for global internship opportunities and participate in international seminars at the undergraduate level. 

●Once through with the undergraduate program, mechanical engineering graduates can build a career in multiple government domains and R&D. Industries they can explore after the course are: electronics, medical, robotics, education, aerospace, automation, railways, renewable energy, and manufacturing. 

●Students can also opt for higher-level programs if they are interested in building a career in academics and research. Courses after B.Tech Mechanical Engineering include M.Tech, others. Shiv Nadar University, Delhi NCR also offers an M.Tech in Mechanical Engineering

Explore and experiment. Learn and earn

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports, the average salary of a mechanical engineer is approximately $85,880 per annum. The report also claims as many as 300,000 individuals are working in this field. This clearly shows that the field is growing steadfastly, and employment prospects for mechanical engineers are estimated to surge by the upcoming decade. So, if designing, developing, and maintaining objects interest you and want to make decent money by using your art, B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering undergraduate course at Shiv Nadar University, Delhi NCR will help you explore many lucrative options. You can explore and experiment specialisations of your choice and learn from excellent faculty members.