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20 Apr 2019

In the finals of SNUSL, Basketball Girls Falcons and Panthers were in a very close match with each other. The league started on 13th April 2019 with matches played on double league basis in which, teams on the top of the table qualify for the finals. Level of competition was fantastic among the clubs from the very first match of the league.

“SNUSL matches are of good quality, showcasing each participants eagerness to score each and every possible point, which is a good crowd puller in terms of audience, who come to cheer their favorite clubs, classmates and hostel mates. The sporting season of SNUSL for the year 2018-19 has come to an end with Basketball Girls SNUSL being the last event of this season, creating long-lasting friendships among all participants.

In the Final match between Falcons and Panthers, Panthers defeated Falcons by a score of 32-30.