BASKETBALL GIRLS SNUSL | Shiv Nadar University


11 Apr 2019

Basketball Girls SNUSL will be going to held from 13th to 17th April 2019 at Basketball Courts near DH2. The league will be played on double league basis in which each club will face off each other two times. Top two clubs will play final. The match will be of 30 minutes. All the standard rules of Basketball and SNUSL will be considered.

Schedule of matches is as follows:

13/04/201907:00 AMPhoenix Vs Panthers
13/04/201908:00 AMBulls Vs Falcons
13/04/201907:00 PMPanthers Vs Falcons
13/04/201908:00 PMBulls Vs Phoenix
14/04/201907:00 AMFalcons Vs Phoenix
14/04/201908:00 AMPanthers Vs Bulls
14/04/201907:00 PMBulls Vs Falcons
14/04/201908:00 PMPhoenix Vs Panthers
15/04/201907:00 PMBulls Vs Phoenix
15/02/201908:00 PMPanthers Vs Falcons
16/04/201907:00 PMPanthers Vs Bulls
16/04/201908:00 PMFalcons Vs Phoenix
17/04/201907:00 PMFinal

All the students, faculties, staff & residents are invited to watch the live action among the Clubs.