1st Inter Hostel Kabaddi Tournament 2019 | Shiv Nadar University
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1st Inter Hostel Kabaddi Tournament 2019

11 Sep 2019

The 1st INTER HOSTEL  KABBADI TOURNAMENT 2019 organized by the Department of Physical Education together with Sports Committee at the SNU campus. The tournament was a huge success and has set a benchmark for future tournaments to follow. 

The matches were filled with passion, excitement, and hunger for victory. Once a team earns a point catching a raider the next it loses it's own raider and may even lose members by the enemy raider. It was heartening to see people come out in large numbers to support their friends. The audience was appreciative and supportive. The sportsmanship spirit of the teams was beyond the level.

The excitement matches increased in ferocity and spirit. The finals were between 'Ka-Boom' led by Hitesh and  T5 (TSS) ' led by Praveen. It was an explosive encounter marked with remarkable displays of mental tactics and physical skill from both sides. There were undoubtedly moments of aggression between the players and teams but were ended on an amiable scale. The match ended in defeat for the boys from 'T5' even though they fought bravely until the end by a score of 46-33