Prepare Yourself for an Ever-changing World with a PhD in Economics


Blog / March 16, 2023

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Economics graduates are well-positioned in an ever-changing world as they possess problem-solving and analytical skills that help them succeed in various career paths. The study of economics enables students to understand people, markets, businesses, and governments better and, therefore, better respond to the challenges and opportunities that emerge when things change.

But Which economics course is best? Which economics course can lead you to a lucrative career path? Obtaining a PhD in Economics means you have achieved the highest level of education in the domain, thereby creating enormous opportunities for any job in a related area.

What is a Ph.D. in Economics?

Ph.D. in Economics is a doctorate program that deals with the study of applied microeconomics, economic theory, energy economics, game theory, labor economics, and theoretical and applied econometrics. The Ph.D. in Economics duration is three-five years. A Doctorate degree in Economics prepares students to pursue rewarding careers, including Auditor, Stock Broker, Actuarial, Media Analyst, Lecturer or Professor, Banker, Economist, Geographer, econometrician, and Public Relations Officer.

This article will answer all your questions, like What is the structure of a PhD Economics Program? How can I get admission to a PhD Economics in India? What can I do with a PhD Economics course?

How Can I Get Admission to a PhD Economics in India?

For admission into the PhD in an Economics course, students must meet the program eligibility requirements set by the institute offering the course to be admitted to the course.

Below are some of the general eligibility criteria set by the institutes.

  • There is no age limit for individuals interested in a PhD in an Economics course.
  • To be admitted into a PhD in Economics course, a candidate must have completed a postgraduate degree in any discipline.

Students applying to the Economics PhD program are required to take an entrance exam. Additionally, students must clear an entrance exam at the college or national level to apply for the course.

What is the Structure of the PhD Economics Program?

Ph.D. in Economics program syllabus is divided into semesters with a yearly exam. Students can choose between core and elective subjects such as advanced economic theory, data collection, and organization, econometric methods, advanced econometrics, advanced microeconomic theory, advanced macroeconomics theory, etc. Students in this course will acquire techniques that will help them in the economic industry.

Following are some topics covered in the course:

  • Advanced Economic Theory
  • International Trade and Finance
  • Economics of Planning
  • Public Finance
  • Theory of Economic Growth and Technical Progress

What Can I Do With a PhD Economics Course?

Ph.D. in Economics graduates can find employment in various sectors, including top economics consultancies, academia, etc. The PhD in Economics equips the students with additional qualifications that enhance their employability. Therefore, the Graduates of the PhD program in Economics can work in the following careers:

  • Political Scientists
  • Consultant
  • Financial Consultant
  • Advisor
  • Accountant
  • Senior Research Scientist
  • Assistant Professor
  • Head of the Educational Department
  • Senior Economist
  • Senior Market Analyst
  • Director of Research and Development

Ensure Your Lucrative Future with a Ph.D. in Economics at Shiv Nadar IoE

The Ph.D. in Economics program imparted by Shiv Nadar Institution of Eminence (Deemed to be a University) is a full-time program that comprises several areas of research for current faculty members, including Development Economics, Economic Growth, Game Theory and Information Economics, Environmental Economics, Labor Economics, Industrial Organisation, Macroeconomics, Political Economy, and Public Economics.

The department faculty at Shiv Nadar IoE conducts multi-disciplinary research on various topics. The list below is instructive but in no way exhaustive of the areas in which research is conducted are:

  • Economic Theory
  • Macroeconomics
  • Development Economics (using tools of Applied Microeconomics)
  • Environmental Economics

Moreover, the future scope and career opportunities for a Ph.D. in Economics graduate from Shiv Nadar IoE are lucrative. Graduates can work in the private, government sector, academia, or research. For instance, an economist specializing in education may become a department head or an administrator. The Economics and Marketing Journal is also an exceptional place to look for jobs.

Gain the Knowledge and Skills That Employers Want with a Ph.D. in Economics

One of the most lucrative PhD degrees available, PhDs in Economics typically receive higher salaries than other PhDs. In addition, a PhD program in Economics represents the highest level of educational achievement in economics, opening up an enormous opportunity for any job in a related field. As a result, the job market for economic professionals is extensive.