Delve Into a Wide Array of Ph.D. in Mathematics Topics at Shiv Nadar IoE


Blog / February 13, 2023

Mathematics as a field has witnessed massive changes and growth with technological advancements. Carl Friedrich Gauss, a famous mathematician, called this discipline the ‘queen of sciences’ because the mathematical principles and theories are used in diverse disciplines like Sciences, Engineering, Finance, Medicine, and Social Sciences. From calculating and measuring to developing a multitude of theories, patterns, and laws, pursuing a career in any of the PhD Mathematics topics can be highly rewarding.

Relying on the practical side, the students in the PhD program are familiarized with mathematical logic and analysis, topology, and statistical and stochastic processes. The PhD in Mathematics topics imparts advanced knowledge and equips students with skills that can be utilized to apply and solve complex real-life issues. Not just in the education sector, but a PhD in Mathematics opens the door to extensive career opportunities in the corporate and other sectors of the economy.

Moreover, opting for a PhD course is not an easy decision to make; after all, you have to spend a large part of your career on the course. So many of you might wonder which topic is best for research in Mathematics. Here are some areas of research that you can look upon.

Which Topic is Best for a PhD in Mathematics?

Ranging from Computational Sciences and Statistics to Natural Sciences, PhD Mathematics opens an array of career opportunities in the research area. Here are some of the most popular PhD in Mathematics topics that you can opt for:

  • PhD in Mathematical and Computer Sciences
  • PhD in Mathematical Sciences
  • PhD in Mathematical Education
  • PhD in Mathematical Statistics
  • PhD in Computational Mathematics and Decision Sciences
  • PhD in Mathematical Modeling
  • PhD in Natural and Mathematical Sciences
  • PhD in Applied Mathematics
  • PhD in Statistics

What Can I Do with a PhD in Mathematics?

PhD in Mathematics graduates have various career prospects both overseas and in India. PhD graduates can work in various mathematical areas, such as Numerical Analysis, Computational Complex Analysis Group, Complexity and Networks, Biomathematics Group, Dynamical Systems, Fluid Dynamics, Mathematical Physics, and so on. 

Additionally, individuals with customer service skills and a basic understanding of the business can work in private and public sector banks. They can also work in market research, public accounting companies, government and private financial sectors, government, and private banks, budget planning, consultancies, and businesses, among other places. Some of the most popular job prospects for PhD in Mathematics graduates are mentioned below:

  • Professor/Assistant Professor
    Professor/Asst. Professor provides basic education to students who are interested in learning art in the PhD program.
  • Loan Counselor
    Loan Counselor‘s role is to cooperate with financial institutions, verify information, process customer application materials, and formulate financial plans with customers.
  • Accountant
    These professionals perform administrative tasks, including preparing forms and maintaining schedules. In addition, they produce financial statements and tax returns, and the accounting firm handles issues related to their finances on behalf of their clients.
  • Financial Manager
    The financial managers are responsible for monitoring accounts, maintaining reports, reviewing financial reports, and preparing financial activity reports and forecasts. They also study ways to enhance profitability and analyze the market to find business opportunities.


  • Insurance Manager
    Insurance managers’ role is to research what helps them predict the likelihood of certain risk events and how they will affect their organization and bring potential losses.

Acquire the Leading-edge Topics to Excel in the Field of Mathematics at Shiv Nadar Institution of Eminence (Deemed to be a University)

Shiv Nadar Institution of Eminence (Deemed to be a University) admitted its first students to the Ph.D. in Mathematics in 2014, and currently, they have twenty-eight registered Ph.D. scholars. University’s research has encompassed diverse fields such as graph theory, algebraic number theory, complex networks, differential geometry, Lie algebras, harmonic analysis, matrix analysis, disease modeling and machine learning. This reflects the research interests of Shiv Nadar IoE’s faculty, which includes wide areas of pure and applied mathematics.

Some areas where Shiv Nadar IoE is particularly interested in recruiting its students in 2022-2023 are:

  • Mathematical Modeling
  • Machine Learning
  • Functional Analysis
  • Optimization

Brace Yourself for an Exceptional Career with PhD in Mathematics 

Mathematicians’ employment in India is anticipated to accelerate by 23-30% due to a surge in demand for knowledge and experience in private industry analytics businesses. The private sector provides more compensation and opportunities. If professionals include sophisticated computer abilities and statistical tools in their profile, their package will be increased. Therefore, pursuing a PhD in Mathematics topic of your interest, can lead you to a lucrative career prospect.

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