Get a Deep-embedded and Insightful Knowledge of the Business World with a PhD in Management After MBA


Blog / February 07, 2023

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When it comes to the vast domain of management, a PhD is commonly chosen by students wanting to explore the academic arena. So, if you have recently completed your MBA, choosing a PhD will be the right decision. The PhD in Management after MBA provides an opportunity to conduct scholarly research and independent study and acquire in-depth knowledge of the field that is hard to obtain otherwise with just an MBA degree. However, an MBA degree also offers great career options but can become much more valuable when complemented with a PhD program.

The research training leads to awareness of cutting-edge advancements and the ability to evolve new insights for solving complex business issues. The PhD in Management after MBA equips individuals with an extensive experience in data analysis and data-driven decision-making. These graduates practice several research methodologies, including modeling, econometrics, experimental methods, field studies, etc. However, an individual needs to have an aptitude for conducting research and real-world experiences of an MBA program that can motivate them to study relevant business issues.

Is It Worth Doing PhD After MBA?

PhD in Management after an MBA imparts numerous skills that can be utilized as a part of a corporate organization, autonomously as a consultant, or even working in the public policy domain with the government or an NGO. Some of the job roles that open up for you after completion of the program are mentioned below:

  • Management Consultant
    Companies today look for experts who can assist them in driving further success as they hire business consultants to collaborate with the organization to identify the appropriate business solutions. These professionals may also build relationships with vendors and create programs that can meet the organization’s business goals.
  • Business Professor
    Business professors work at business schools and are typically expected to lecture students in their domain of expertise. Therefore, a PhD in Management after MBA enables individuals to qualify to instruct students in business at the college level.
  • Policy Analyst
    Policy analysts are tasked to review, collaborate, and give feedback on policies and aid in developing new proposals. This role also requires analysts to perform an in-depth analysis of both quantitative and qualitative data during policy development.
  • Chief Executive Officers
    Chief Executive Officers are responsible for developing strategic plans for organizations. In addition, these professionals oversee the time required to implement change, the processes involved, and the overall costs. Executives also oversee different departments and cultivate positive relationships throughout the organization to enhance performance.

Gain a Competitive Edge & Hone Your Skills with a PhD in Management After MBA at Shiv Nadar IoE

Ph.D. program in Management at School of Management and Entrepreneurship, Shiv Nadar Institution of Eminence (Deemed to be a University), is designed to enhance inquisitive knowledge in pursuit of advancing the area of study with new knowledge. The Ph.D. program at the University allows students considerable flexibility to work on their areas of scholarly interest that satisfy their intellectual curiosity.

The pre-thesis coursework at Shiv Nadar IoE is designed to create a launch pad for an excellent quality research output. It has two broad objectives:

  • To arm the individuals with the necessary tools and techniques for data analysis and pattern identification.
  • To sensitize the extensive knowledge already created in management and allied subjects.

SME's Doctorate in Management program encourages researchers to take up interdisciplinary projects, either among the school's academic areas or from among the vast pool of research areas of other schools at Shiv Nadar IoE. Moreover, it requires the individuals to fulfill the eligibility for Ph.D. in Management to get admission into this uniquely designed course at the University. Additionally, the maximum number of years of the Ph.D. after the MBA is five years at Shiv Nadar IoE.

Take a Step Further in the World of Business and Management with a PhD in Management

A PhD in Management after an MBA opens up a plethora of career opportunities. Since a PhD in Management provides you with an insightful acumen into the commercial arena, graduates will be equipped with an understanding of data analysis, business trends, and organizational issues. So, with a PhD in Management after MBA, you will not only be a perfect professional for academic profiles, but you can also explore plentiful opportunities in the corporate world.