PhD Computer Science - Be at the Forefront of the Technological Revolution


Blog / January 17, 2023

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We are living and thriving in a world where computers and computing systems are one of the leading characters. Hence, these are exciting times to be a Computer major. Computing systems are now integrated into virtually every sphere of life, and with constant technological developments, they are also evolving.

Are you someone who wants to stay updated with all the developments in the computing field? Or someone who wants to go a step ahead and lead these developments? If the answer to these questions is yes, then PhD Computer Science is one of the best computer science engineering courses for you. 

Push the Boundaries by Opting for PhD Computer Science

It is said that no one can take away your knowledge and education from you. This goes a step further in PhD Computer Science as you can personally retain all the credits for your work. The following are some other compelling reasons to pursue PhD Computer Science:

  • Feed Your Intellectual Curiosity

Computer Science is a subject that changes rapidly because software technology moves faster than other areas of science. Therefore, pursuing PhD in computer science can prove to be intellectually very satisfying for those who like the subject, have a curious mind, and want to dive deep into it. 

  • Earn While You Learn

As you devote 4-5 years of your most productive time to complete a PhD Computer Science, you are paid to do so. Can there be anything better than this? You can expand your learning horizons while conducting experiments and researching cutting-edge technologies and earn at the same time. This will allow you to have single-focus attention on researching with no other worries.

  • Become a Professional Researcher

PhD Computer Science enables students to become professional researchers and hold a gratifying job. Students can either become academic professors, conduct theoretical research, or teach at the university level. Alternatively, the students can opt for industrial research and focus on more practical research that produces both concrete results and profits. Joining an R&D department of a company can prove to be high value as the salary is high there. 

  • Build a Career Network

If you decide to go for a PhD Computer Science, you’ll be surrounded by an elite of people. All your colleagues, juniors, and seniors will share the same high-level goals as yours and provide an environment of wide learning and experimenting. Therefore, collaborations with such people will propel them even further. 

  • Set Yourself Apart From the Competition

Someone who pursues a PhD automatically stands out from the rest. And if you are a PhD Computer Science, then you are already above the competition because the whole process of preparing a thesis and engaging in deep research builds skills that cannot be found easily. PhD Computer Science makes you more methodical, enhances your analyzing capabilities, and provides you with a more holistic perspective than others. 

  • Be the Best in Your Field

A PhD will give you the highest academic title available, and you’ll gain mastery in your subject. A PhD Computer Science will further uplift you as those who get a PhD in such subjects are held in high esteem as scientists. The research will contribute to not only personal upliftment but also a perfect playing field for professional competition.

As you will be working for yourself while doing the research,  there is going to be more mental peace, pride, and vanity. Your well-published papers will be constant evidence of your hard work, intelligence, and pride. 

Gain In-depth Knowledge with Learning Community at Shiv Nadar Institute of Eminence (Deemed to be a University)

Shiv Nadar Institution of Eminence (Deemed to be a University) offers a PhD program in Computer Science in the Department of Computer Science & Engineering at the School of Engineering. As there is a growing need for good research work in the country, Shiv Nadar IoE is facilitating the same by preparing students for highly rewarding careers in academia and research labs. 

The PhD students of computer science at Shiv Nadar IOE can do research in the following 3 broad areas. These have sub-areas, too, which further provide topic clarity to the students:

  • Wireless, Mobile Computing and Networking: Internet of Things, Mobile Sensing, Cyber-Physical Systems, Wireless Sensor Networks, Wireless Networks.

  • Data Science and Engineering: Data Mining, Machine Learning, Mobile Data Management, Data Analytics. Big Data.

  • Security and Privacy: Security of Cyber-Physical Systems, IoT and Cyber Security.

PhD in Computer Science admission at Shiv Nadar IoE has the following criteria:

  • ME / M.Tech. in CSE or equivalent in the relevant discipline from a recognized Technical Institute or University with 60% marks or 6.5 CGPA in the qualifying degree.

  • BE / B.Tech. in CSE or equivalent OR MCA/M.Sc. (CS/ IT/ ECE/ Mathematics / Physics/ Statistics/ Operational Research) from a recognized Technical Institute or University with 65% marks or 7 CGPA in the qualifying degree.

Moreover, the Department has a group of dedicated regular and visiting faculty who are experts in their field of work. It also offers exciting opportunities to expand your intellectual horizons. So, enroll for PhD Computer Science at Shiv Nadar IoE and explore cutting-edge technological developments.