MBA Course Fees in India - Decoding the Details


Blog / November 11, 2023

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In today's fast-paced and hypercompetitive business landscape, the trailing of knowledge is not merely an option; rather, it is a prerequisite for success. When it's about unleashing your full potential in the corporate world, few paths are as metamorphic as earning a Master of Business Administration, usually known as an MBA.

Envision this: You are standing at the crossroads of your career, a future brimming with tons of opportunities stretching out in front of you. You have tackled the past intricate challenges, nurtured skill sets, and clinched the ranks, but now, you are all set to ascend your wings higher. 

The MBA degree has the potential to drive you to unprecedented heights of achievement, leadership, as well as impact. In crisper words, it is a journey taking you far beyond the classroom, deep into the heart of strategies, innovations, and, of course, the art of decision-making. 

But an MBA is not just a degree but a bridge between where you are now and where you want to reach, an opportunity to a global network of mindful people, and a toolkit of knowledge and skill sets remolding the trajectory of your career. It is a commitment to constant learning, personal growth, and development, a key to unlocking the doors to the C-suite, and a compass guiding you via the intricacies of today's business world. 

As per the reports of the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), it is projected that there will be a strong growth of 8% in management positions. In the year between 2016-2026, there will be a huge number of openings, creating 8,07,000 jobs. So, if you are all set to clinch the corporate ladder, enrolling in an MBA course would be the best fit.

Top 7 Reasons Why You Should Get An MBA

  • Broad Curriculum

MBA courses typically proffer a broad curriculum covering core business subjects, for example, accounting, finance, marketing, organizational behavior, operations management, and strategic management. In addition, some institutions also enable students to specialize in specific domains like marketing, finance, human resources, strategy and general management, business analytics, etc.

  • Short Duration

The duration of an MBA program may vary based on the format. However, a full-time MBA usually takes two years to complete, whereas an Executive MBA (EMBA) can take less time to finish as it is typically curated for working professionals.

  • Modern Teaching Methods

Believe it or not, MBA courses utilize an amalgamation of teaching techniques, such as lectures, case studies, and group projects, along with experiential learning. The ultimate goal is to give students theoretical knowledge and practical skills.

  • Networking Opportunities

MBA courses provide massive opportunities to build excellent networks via interaction with classmates, alumni, and guest speakers. Networking can be exceptionally beneficial for MBA students as it can lead to valuable professional connections and career opportunities.

  • Career Advancement

In today's scenario, almost 60% of individuals pursue an MBA to elevate their careers and enhance their earning potential. The degree is considered a credential, opening many doors for higher-level management positions and leadership roles in many industries.

  • Global Perspective

Considering the global nature of business, MBA programs usually focus on international business concepts and may provide opportunities for students to study abroad or get involved in global business projects.

  • Affordability

MBA course fees in India is quite affordable, and it can vary depending upon factors like the school's reputation and location. However, most reckoned B-Schools give financial aid, scholarships, and student loans to finance an MBA education.

In this digital era, MBA graduates work in different industries, including consulting, finance, technology, healthcare, etc. The degree is exceptionally versatile and can act as an asset, especially for those looking to flourish in this corporate world. Therefore, choosing a reputed and internationally renowned institution is imperative.

India, the globe's second-largest center for education, boasts over 1,000 universities and in excess of 42,000 colleges, providing a diverse array of academic programs. Within India's educational landscape, the most prestigious institutions are those designated as "Institutes of National Importance" and "Institutes of Eminence" by the country's ranking authorities, and one of them is Shiv Nadar University, which has got the tag of "Institution of Eminence."

Climb Up the Corporate Ladder with an MBA at Shiv Nadar University (Institution of Eminence)

One of the pioneer institutions of India, Shiv Nadar University, holds the prestigious tag of "Institution of Eminence" by the Government of India. Established in 2011, the private interdisciplinary research-centric University is popularly known for its commitment to providing top-notch education and promoting business and research.

As an "Institution of Eminence," Shiv Nadar University receives prominent recognition and support from the Government of India, enabling it to improve its academic offerings, research facilities, and infrastructure. This status of the University underscores the institution's commitment to excellence and research.

The best part is that the School of Management and Entrepreneurship, under the umbrella of Shiv Nadar University, offers four kinds of MBA courses, which are highly sought-after for students aspiring to kick-start their careers in Business and Management.

MBA courses at Shiv Nadar University are precisely curated to equip students with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in the dynamic corporate world. They typically wrap up multiple areas of business and management, including finance, marketing, human resources, operations, and entrepreneurship.

MBA Course Fees Details for Shiv Nadar University

The MBA course fees for the duration of 2 years are 11 lakh, excluding hostel and mess charges. Also, the student needs to pay 100,000 registration fees (included in the tuition fee).

Apart from the MBA course fee structure, scholarships up to 100% are also provided to candidates who score a minimum of 90 or more in the Common Aptitude Test and meet the cutoff in the interview assessment. Additionally, students can also get up to 100% scholarship based on merit-cum-means.

To take the burden off the shoulders, Shiv Nadar University also gives access to financial aid to selected students. Students can apply for loans at handsome interest rates from banking and NBFC partners.

Launch Your Management Career

An MBA course can be a valuable investment in an individual's career, as it equips students with high-tech business skills, expands their professional networks, and radically leads to higher earning potential. However, its worthiness typically depends on personal goals and financial circumstances. Mindful consideration of course reputation, ROI, and alternative education options is crucial. Scholarships and employer support can mitigate costs. In crisper words, an MBA's value lies in its ability to align with one's career aspirations and the potential for long-term career advancement. If you are ready to conquer the business world, Shiv Nadar University awaits you! Enroll now!