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Blog / January 11, 2024

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Do you have a deep passion for the English language? Is your brain brimming with creativity? Do you harbor a love for the written word, often expressing your thoughts with vibrant language? Perhaps you cherish crafting English poetry, skillfully weaving words to create rhythmic verses. Are rhyming words and composing poems in English among your favorite pursuits? If you can relate to any of these, then a post-graduate degree in English is for you. As you know, in the 21st century, the communication dynamics have drastically shifted, and the relevance of an M.A. in English has become more pronounced. 


One key trend is the cross-section of technology and language, a phenomenon that an M.A. in English tackles head-on. Graduates of such courses are equipped with immense skills in analyzing and adapting to the linguistic nuances of digital platforms, ensuring they remain at the forefront of communication trends. The globalization of English also plays a vital role. A post-graduate in English encourages individuals to propel and appreciate the diverse linguistic influences molding the language. This awareness becomes imperative in promoting cross-cultural communication and fostering inclusivity.

Are you still perplexed by the thought of pursuing an M.A. degree in English? Well, fret not!

The Future

The Master of Arts in English offers potential career advancement across different industries, as forecasts from the Bureau of Labour Statistics report suggest. These projections reveal that 64% of individuals with an English degree have found employment in educational, managerial, media, and administrative roles. These statistics show that pursuing this course will be lucrative and open ample job opportunities.

Jobs After M.A. English

Career opportunities after completing a Master of Arts in English vary and extend across many sectors. Graduates with an M.A. in English can pursue roles in journalism, education content creation, administration, publishing, public relations, etc. They are highly suitable for positions like-

  • Educator/Teacher
  • Editor
  • Writer/Author
  • Journalist
  • Content Creator
  • Public Relations Specialist
  • Copywriter
  • Curriculum Developer
  • Librarian
  • Corporate Communications
  • Human Resources Specialist
  • Researcher
  • Freelance Writing
  • Literary Agent 
  • Event Coordinator

These are just a couple of examples, and the skills gained during an M.A. in English program, such as critical thinking, communication, and analytical abilities, make graduates adaptable to a wide range of professions. 

M.A. English Salary Based on Sectors

Job opportunities for M.A. English graduateshave innumerable career options in both the private and public sectors, which include media, journalism, publication, information technology, educational institutions, etc. Listed underneath are top recruiters and the average salary for passouts (Master’s in Art in English) in the government and private sectors:

Private Sector Salary for M.A. English Graduates

The average salary in the private sector ranges fromINR 3.8 to 7.7 LPA. Below are some top private companies recruiting M.A. English graduates for multitudes of job roles with the salary details:

Top Recruiters

Average Annual Salary













Government Sector Salary for M.A. English Graduates

The average in this sector ranges between INR 2.9-5.5 LPA. Here are some top organizations proffering government jobs after M.A. English to graduates with their salary insights.

Top Recruiters

Average Salary






INR 4.17 LPA

Indian Institute of Technology Madras


Digital India Corporation


Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology


Seize the Opportunity & Become a Linguistic Virtuoso with an M.A. in English @ Shiv Nadar University (Institution of Eminence)

One of the trailblazers, Shiv Nadar University, is known for its dedication to academic excellence and innovation. Founded by visionary industrialist Shiv Nadar, the university proffers a Master of Arts (M.A.) program in English that epitomizes its commitment to fostering comprehensive education.

The M.A. in English at the School of Humanities and Social Sciences is curated to provide students with a holistic understanding of literature, language, and critical theory. The curriculum amalgamates conventional and contemporary approaches to literature, ensuring a well-rounded academic experience. Students engage in rigorous coursework, seminars, and research projects under the supervision of esteemed faculty members who are well-versed in their respective fields.

The program empowers students to explore diverse genres, periods, and cultural contexts, promoting analytical and creative thinking. With an emphasis on fostering a deep appreciation for literature and language, the M.A. in English at Shiv Nadar University equips graduates with the skill sets essential for careers in various arenas such as academia, publishing, media, and beyond.

Shiv Nadar University's sheer dedication to fostering a vivacious intellectual community, coupled with its high-tech campus and advanced facilities, makes it an ideal institution for pursuing a Master's in English, offering a metamorphic educational experience.

Unlock Boundless Career Opportunities in English Literature Today

An M.A. degree in English acts as an entranceway to comprehend and influence the ongoing trends in the English language. As we steer the linguistic currents of the contemporary era, this advanced degree imparts individuals to shape the narrative and contribute meaningfully to the dynamic evolution of the English language. If you are ready to raise the bar with your words, join Shiv Nadar University for its M.A. in English course.