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Blog / January 10, 2024

BA in EnglishHigh paying jobs after BA English

English, a language that transcends boundaries and intertwines individuals across the globe, stands as evidence of the power of communication. With more than 1.5 billion speakers worldwide, English has emerged as a lingua franca, promoting comprehension and collaboration in various fields. 

In the business sphere, this language serves as the international language of commerce, which facilitates global trade as well as communication. Oddly enough, proficiency in the English language opens doors to lucrative opportunities, empowering individuals to participate in the marketplace and engage with people from vivid cultures.

In academia, it is the language of instruction in many prominent universities, offering students access to a pool of knowledge and research. Simply, it serves as a bridge uniting scholars, allowing the interchange of ideas and advancements in numerous domains. Further, the entertainment industry, including literature, film, and music, heavily relies on English as a mode of reaching a vast and diverse audience. 

Also, English-language content has the ability to push cultural boundaries, influencing and inspiring minds globally. So, are you ready to master the English language? If yes, enroll in a B.A. in English- a key to unlocking the doors to myriad opportunities!


Why B.A. in English?

Believe it or not, a bachelor’s degree in English is highly relevant. Studying a B.A. in English opens opportunities for a world of literary explorations, critical thinking, and efficacious communication skills. This course not only digs deep into the rich tapestry of English literature but hones analytical abilities, making it a versatile and sought-after qualification.

Top Five High-Paying Jobs After B.A. English

1. Copywriters

Average Salary- Rs. 45,000

Copywriters are all about researching, writing, editing, and proofreading written communications in various industries, with an emphasis on marketing and advertising copy to foster goods and services. Through their writing, it becomes easy for them to make their way to different places, such as company websites, blogs, ads, email newsletters, and even social media.

2. Reporters

Average Salary- Rs. 45,000 per month

Reports write news and many other stories for print, broadcast, or other news media. These individuals are solely responsible for examining local, national, and international news trends to identify hot topics as well as staying on the pulse of what’s going on to break the ice for the public. Reporters fetch sources to interview and vet their credibility. Also, they conduct other research and investigations and fact-check their work.

3. Paralegals

Average Salary- Rs. 43,000 per month

Paralegals assist lawyers by preparing legal documents, researching legal precedents, and examining facts. This position at giant firms often possesses various seniority levels. In short, you may have the tag of paralegal, yet your role will alter with time. The more the experience, the better and higher the salary. Additionally, chances are higher that you may even manage junior paralegals and legal assistants.

4. Editorial Assistants

Average Salary- Rs. 38,000 per month

In the book publishing and print & digital media industries, editorial assistants help with many different administrative and creative tasks. Editorial assistants in every sector have different job duties and future career paths. Regardless of where you work, you will likely have to schedule meetings, connect with writers, and help editors with numerous editorial and administrative tasks. 

5. Fundraisers

Average Salary- Rs. 68,000 per month

Fundraising campaigns, events, and relationship-building aimed at collecting money and other donations to aid the organization they work for—commonly, nonprofit organizations, universities, and hospitals- are all usually led by fundraising professionals. Boosting awareness of the organization’s work, goals, and requirements is also key. To your knowledge, development officer, fundraiser, or grant writing coordinator roles are all related job titles you can look for to enter the fundraising/development profession.

These were some of the many high-paying jobs after B.A. English you can consider. Remember, the field of English literature is vast and dynamic, opening a pool of job opportunities. Hence, continually elevating your skills can help you get a lucrative and gratifying job. 

Forge Your Path as a Wordsmith Extraordinaire with a B.A. (Research) in English @ Shiv Nadar University (Institution of Eminence)

Nestled in the heart of Greater Noida, Shiv Nadar University is an institution typically popular for its sheer dedication and commitment to academic excellence and advancements. The university proffers a distinctive undergraduate course that stands tall for its multidisciplinary approach and research-centric curriculum- B.A. (Research) in English.

This distinct U.G. program at the School of Humanities and Social Sciences goes beyond conventional boundaries, motivating students to propel the depths of English literature while ameliorating their research skills. The curriculum is curated to foster critical thinking and analytical abilities, providing students with a comprehensive understanding of literature, language, and cultural studies. The B.A. (Research) in English at Shiv Nadar University emphasizes hands-on research projects, which allow students to actively contribute to the academic discourse in the field.

Under the guidance of skilled faculty members and scholars, students engage in independent research, seminars, and collaborative projects. The course not only prepares students for diverse career paths, such as academia, journalism, publishing, and more but also imparts them with the skills needed for lifelong learning and intellectual growth. 

Shiv Nadar University's B.A. (Research) in English thus acts as a dynamic platform for aspiring scholars to delve deep into the rich world of literature and contribute meaningfully to the field via rigorous research.

Let Words Speak Your Success Fluently

A B.A. degree in English nurtures creativity and fosters a deep understanding of cultural nuances. It encourages/motivates students to think critically about society, history, and human experiences by widening their perspectives. The course also improves written and verbal communication skills, which are essential in today's globalized and digital environment. Hence, enroll now in a B.A. (Research) in English @ Shiv Nadar University.